My 5 steps to break up with gadgets
This morning, I got them occupied with the wall and the newly bought marker-pens-for-children. While I get things ready for the day.
About 3 weeks back I wrote a post on getting your kids to break up with gadgets [should your little one(s) break up with gadgets?] and why it’s super important. Basically it helps them to practise delayed gratification, self-control and listen to you better. It would do wonders if you kids listen to you, right?
“But how to break up? If I hide their gadgets, they’d cry, and scream, and throw tantrums”. 
Here’s my version of how to do it. 

1. Set your goals CLEAR. 
You know that by the end of this week, your kids will be tablet-less or Xbox-less whatever you desire. So by hook or by crook you are going to make it happen. Yes you are. 
2. Do NOT GIVE IN to your kids. 
You won’t care a thing. You won’t pity them. You won’t feel sorry for your children even if they take the life out of you. You are not going to give in even if they’ve been screaming or begging for their gadgets. In other words, do not give it back to them out of sorry. No. Never. 
3. What others say CEASE TO MATTER. 
You parents and neighbors and siblings and aunts and uncles will have their say about your parenting style. They’ll  try to convince you that it’s okay to let your kids play for a little while because they kesian seeing your kids weeping and moaning, and you should listen to them because they makan garam before you. But you know what? you ain’t gonna care. 

Stickers, colouring, running and jumping have it your way. My style? I let them turn our bedroom wall into their art space. If you find it difficult to do the same because you live with in your parents or in-laws’? Me too. Or you could get a white board especially for them. Some parents let their kids smudge their bathroom walls. Ehhh it’s all up to you! 
I know they’ll get in your way and ask you to play with them now that they’re gadget-less. Things will be a little challenging for you so hang in there parents. This is, in fact, my biggest struggle and I’m just going to be honest here. So this is a reminder to myself before you. We all have patience issues because we had thought that we were the best parents until the little one actually came into the picture, no?
Things are not always perfect in my home. Even if my girls don’t watch youtube on tablet anymore, the TV has become its substitute. And I too, lost my patience to them every now and then because they keep coming to me hoping that I’d play with them. So let’s just try our best to reduce or call a halt to gadgets, shall we? 

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