I became a mother at 23, I can still be ahead of the game

The society that we live in has strong perception about women after turning into a mother. It’s like, they’re less worth it to the company and the industry. It’s like there goes another valuable resource to the company because that woman ain’t gonna give a d*mn about her work anymore now that she’s going to take emergency leaves to care for her baby. 
That’s the hustle and bustle of motherhood, bosses. What do you expect from a working mom? Yes moms too need to be honest and give their best at work, they mustn’t take advantage of any loop. 
And our society has even bad perception on women who left the workforce to be stay-at-home or work-at-home moms. People keep saying that these moms do not contribute to the society, wasted the government money (scholarship), less worth because they do not earn a fortune, and the list goes on. 
As one of these moms, I am not excluded from receiving such remarks even from the people (very) close to me and it’s pretty irritating I must say. I need constant reminders that we live our own lives so to each, their own. I have to keep my head up when people make their face after knowing that oh, I’m not a certified accountant like my friends who hold a bachelor degree in Accounting. 
I have to hold on stronger to my dreams of being in the academic line, complete Masters and pursue PhD insha Allah. And I have to frequently remind myself that people only know ACCA. ACCA. ACCA. when there are other things you can do in Accounting, peeps. For God’s sake… Accounting isn’t just about ACCA… Takpelah, I assume that you don’t know much about this field, so I usually just let it go. 
I am penning this down  because I want all mothers, working or not, to appreciate yourself more than anyone else. To love yourself first, before others. To see the good in you. Your strength, your abilities, your skills, what you could do to make the world a better place..anything! 
If you love cooking, make something BIG out of it. 
If you love sewing and creating cute adorable stuff, go for it. 
If you’re good at handling kids, and you think that’s a great way to make money, by all means!

If life and marriage come first before career and you are bold to make a change,  carry on!

Go on with your plans and goals.  You decide for your future.  Not them.  

You know, at this stage in life, you can be ahead of the game because you design your own game. 
And to that person who keeepssss saying that oh, I got married too early, it’s a shame that I left the industry… well I’m just gonna prove you wrong dude. I love myself and my little family. I’m content with whatever blessings I have today; food, health, love, faith, lovely spouse and kids. I’m one step closer to my dreams each day insha Allah. 

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