The key to being content is to live in the present

Tonight, we had our usrah session at Masjid ar-Rahah,  Bangsar South.  It’s a very very nice masjid I must say.

Well facilitated with elevator
Easy access to washroom,  wudhu’ room and they even have a spot for changing diaper with little decorations on the wall.

Thank you for the great service,  masjid keepers.  God bless you all Makcik Cleaner,  Pak Guard and the rest of the team.  We definitely had a great solat experience there

Anyway,  today is just another Thursday where I have usrahs back to back because I conducted my sessions with the groups under me in the afternoon and i attended my usrah at night.

But tonight,  my patience was a little challenged…  by my oldest girl who loves to climb on my back, pull my tudung, crumble my notes,  conteng my notebook and pull off the sticky notes in my Qur’an.

As she was doing her business,  I set my sight on a few female university/college students who dropped by the mosque to perform their prayers.

And I said to myself,  eh it felt like just yesterday that I was like them.

Carefree (no need to handle a girl who often get on their nerves) .
Living on themselves,  renting with friends. Carpool to class and dinner.

Eh,  I kinda miss that life.  My undergraduate life.

But as my usrahmates and I went deep into our discussion,  I realised that life isn’t just about ourselves and meeting our goals.  In fact,  it’s about giving to the people around you in various ways.


And among the three,  giving our time to those in need is always the hardest.  But as someone who accepts that dakwah is a must,  I have to learn to live in the present, cherish every little thing Allah has granted on me and think about those in need more than myself.

Domestically,  we still have loads to do.  Income inequality,  poverty,  gender discrimination and social ills. As for the international level, I need not say more. The Syrians, Palestinians,  Rohingyas and everyone who’s fighting for justice, they all need our attention,  time,  effort and du’a to live peacefully just as everyone else.  They too, deserve some room in our heart.

At the end of our session,  I then had a better view about my life.  And I’m so grateful that I have my daughter with me because that’s a privilege for some mothers. I thank Allah for allowing me to take my daughter to my usrah since she was in my tummy, hoping that she’ll grow up connecting dakwah and tarbiyyah to them people of her age.

Till then,  I shall continue washing her butt and chasing her all around the house just to put on her clothes again. (-. – “)

(penat wei.  Tak tipu)

It’s important for me to emphasise again that I am writing this to remind myself to alwayssss be grateful with every little thing achieved today. Alwaysss be grateful with my plate of rice, iced coffee, healthy kids, spouse, career and everything good that I could think of. Just as you, I don’t find adulting fun so I have to continuously motivate myself to keep me going. <3 nbsp="" p="">

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