That mother-cum-maid feeling

You know you’re a mother when you don’t only run here and there to grab you toddler for shower but you also do the laundry, the sweeping, the dishes, the trash, the cooking, the scrubbing of those pots and pans, and the list goes on.
Even when you are blessed with a helper,  your eyes just can’t help from catching the stains, the spilled milk, and the laundry waiting to be settled. Once you reach home, you see those things and they are automatically registered in your head. Before anything else, you start becoming the “maid” of the house because, just like most women, “I cannot see my house in such MESS!”
And then you can’t sit still n because you are trying to do 2,3 things at the same time. Towards 8pm, you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. 
9pm, the kids are all good. Jumping, running, munching and keep dropping pieces of that crunchy sweet Kuih Loyang on the floor that you just swept half an hour ago. 
9.30pm, the mother-cum-maid begins to fury
10pm, trying to tuck them kids in bed but they keep dragging the time. Showing their power struggle by throwing tantrums and they even fight for remote control to watch Jack And The Neverland Private that has been repeating the same episode for the past one month. 
10.30pm, you burst. 
11pm, okay they are all asleep. Thank God. But you still have to fold and iron the washed clothes that may take at least another half an hour. But you are just exhausted. Lackadaisically, you drag yourself to the laundry room and get them all sorted out. 
12am, with body aches, you doze off
5am, Another new day begins!!


Okay I have to be fair. No matter how tough your days are, you are surely given the highest paradise in the hereafter if you embrace motherhood wholeheartedly and be the “bibik” to everyone,  only for Allah. 
When asked how does she manage the pressure of handling her big family, Michelle Duggar from the reality TV show 19 Kids And Counting said “Number one, you’ve gotta love God…”
Look at how crucial God is to every mom. It’s like the feeling of God-conscious automatically rejuvenates your mind every 10 minutes or at least during every screaming and shouting of the kids. 
It keeps your wisdom and patience at optimum level, And it drives you towards accepting your hectic schedule, appreciating yourself, finding your self worth, 
By being God-conscious, you will find strength within you in no time. But to be able to be conscious about God, that needs practice. And when you are far from God, there goes the stress, the nagging, the hitting, and all bad behaviours that one could think of. 
Conclusively, you decide what you want to be and how you perceive yourself. You can opt for being the maid/bibik, the cook, the makcik cleaner for the family if that’s how you define yourself. And you can also choose to see your role as the saviour of the househol. 
It’s about time that we begin to draw ourselves closer to God. Let’s take this exhausting motherhood journey as the stepping stone to stay in contact with God. I am saying this to myself before others because I too, often find myself far from Him. Because I too, raise my voice to the kids. Because I too, lose my self worth pretty much all the time. And because I too, can’t help but feeling like I’m living for others instead of myself. 
When reality is, they don’t need a perfect mom and wife. They just want the loving you. 

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