30 things I want my kids to know about motherhood

My previous post 20 Things I Want My Kids To Know About Motherhood has over 160 shares. Does that mean the world is with me? I hope so because I’m only sharing the realities that every married couple must have gone through. So ya.

While mostly are women readers (checked this on Google Analytics), I now feel called to pen another thing that I want my kids to know, that is none other than…. the divine motherhood.

Kids, here goes.

1. I risked my life to give birth to you.

2. Labour means hours of pain

3. Fathers are to provide support along the way way.

4. My dear kids, If you ever get a cut,  remember that I’ve had that.  That was what I gotta do bring you into this world.

5. Got stitched? Tell me about it.

6. It could take you at least 6 weeks to get back on track. You know to be the normal, healthy you again.

7. Sometimes, your heart might not contain your tears any longer. For that reason,  allow yourself to cry a little,  or maybe a lot.  As long as it gets you feel better

8.  Tears from what, you’re asking? From the anxiety,  the pressure,  the lethargy, the feeling of not having your life anymore.

9. At times,  it’s okay to be a little deaf.  Deaf from listening to what others say about your parenting style.

10. People can say what they want, but at the end of the day you’re the mother.  So you decide what works on your family.

11. Also,  it’s okay to be a little blind,  from seeing the mess in the kitchen,  the toys in the washroom and the bedak talkum on the floor.

12. You guys seriously had a “talcum powder party” at 11 p.m. in our room so you know who your future kids take that skills after.

13. On a serious note,  motherhood may cripple the soul of a person causing her to not see the worth of living anymore.

14. If that happens to you,  remember to seek help from the professionals; psychiatrist,  psychologist,  therapist  or counselor have it your way.

15. Because retail therapy,  vacation and ladies talk at the office pantry won’t do much.

16. And if anyone ever tell you that you are overreacting by seeking help,  set yourself far from that person because he/she ain’t gonna do no good for you.

17. The dishes and laundry can wait.  They are not running anywhere.

18. But it’s you who will be running behind your schedule and for that reason,  learn to organise yourself from today.

19. That’s the reason I ask you to clean your mess and keep your toys.  Remember Papa’s song?  “clean up..clean up” Thanks to our very own music composer,  Papa!

20. But if things always seem awry,  it’s best to grab your coffee and relax for a while.

21. Do not allow anxiety to take over you.  You control your emotions. You control your body.

22. Tell your brain,  to tell your heart, to be quiet because because you need some time to chill.

23. Tell your brain, to tell your eyes, to not see the mess but look at the windows instead and enjoy the sunset.

24. If you’re a first time mother and you’re always worried,  congratulations because that’s what mothers are formed to be.

25. If you’re a second time mother and you’re confused about who to love, congratulations because you have learned that a mother’s love doesn’t split but it multiplies.

26. As time passes by, you’ll be more calm to welcome the arrival of your next addition.  Insha Allah.  Because by then,  you’ve already got the hang of motherhood.

27. Listen to Doctors who graduated medic school not anti-vaxxers who…who are they again?

28.  You will be called again and again.  Just like what you did to me.  “ibu”  here “ibu” there  “ibuuuu! Ibuuuu! Ibuuuu! Where’s Ibuuu! Nak ibuuuu!” so be prepared kiddos.

29. Just to add another point from my friend,  learn to accept that your children will need you to eat,  poo,  sleep and just about everything to live a decent life and this may last for about 3-4 years.  Are you ready for that?

30. And oh, pregnancy isn’t fun. I should remind you. Puking, headache, heartburn, nausea, they are all in our blood!

All these may not be everything about Motherhood and they don’t necessarily depict mine. This is just the basic know-how of surviving this journey. Anyway, would you like to add more? Write them down in the comments below! Can’t wait to read them all.

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