22 Ways to Be a Happy Mom

I’m in need of this reminder more than anyone else. I have to constantly remind myself to alwayssss see the good things and alwaysss be grateful because only then I’ll be happy. So moms (and dads too), here’s the over 20 ways to be a happy mom (and dad).

1. Remember that you survived labour.  Alhamdulillah

2. Remember that it’s all over,  at least for now

3. Thank Allah that you’re up on your feet again after confinement

4. Be grateful for your health. You’re physically fit to work, throw trash, change the bulb. Alhamdulillah.

5. Appreciate little things,  even if it’s just about the washed dishes

6. Do not base your worth on the state of your house…

7….  Or the work you do. Teachers, doctors, dropshippers, stockist, agents, carry on with it so long it’s halalan toyyiban.

8. Do not set your standard according to other’s

9. Because our stories are different from one another

10 Living on your own,  with parents or in laws,  decision is yours. Nobody should dictate you.

11. Care less about what they think of you

12. Instead,  focus on your own children whose attention is already solely on you

13. Say that you love them, before dozing off,  or dropping them at school, anytime

14. Ask them back if they love you.  I bet your little ones will still say it,  so shape them up now before it’s too late

15. Don’t compare your physique with other mothers

16. Don’t compare your child’s fluency in reciting al-fatihah with other mother’s

17. Don’t compare your house with theirs. IKEA or not, who cares?

18. See the good in you: you get to have dinner,  you drive a decent car,  you earn money to make a living,  Alhamdulillah.

19. See the good in your children: they’re healthy,  well shaped,  well mannered and well fed,  they help you out with laundry.  Alhamdulillah

20. Keep your dreams close to you.  Hold it tight because you know you’re gonna make it happen. Now or later is another story.

21. If they say you wasted the government scholarship by only staying at home,  worry not because it’s them who aren’t open about today’s way of making money and contribute to the economy and society.

22 When was the last time you connected to God?

These may not be the best way to keep you happy because our lives differ. Let’s take it as the basic know-how of keeping a positive mind about motherhood shall we?

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