20 guilt-free things moms deserve.

We have always been guilty about almost everything.  We tend to put aside our desires and meet others’ instead. We thought we could live by that but we were slowing spreading out too thin. Don’t be weary mothers,  we deserve some fun in life! So I wanted to share this with y’all to let you live your life with less guilt. Here goes.

1. You deserve your cuppa without guilt

2. You deserve your reading time without guilt

3. You deserve your thosai bawang without guilt

4. You deserve your massage from the Makcik Urut without guilt

5. You deserve extended shower time without guilt

6. You deserve to not having to finish up your kids’ leftover dinner

7. You deserve your usrah time alone without guilt

8. You deserve your girls catchup sesh without guilt

9. You deserve some cash from your salary for clothes without guilt

10. You deserve to start your savings for retirement

11. You deserve to experience your meal without little hands getting in the way

12. You deserve some time alone with Qur’an without guilt

13. You deserve to chase your dreams, now or later without guilt.  Remember to stick to it!

14. You deserve to raise your children the way you think without guilt

15. You deserve to not take their advices about your children’s diaper,  meals and education choices

16.  You deserve to leave your house in mess and not base your worth on it without guilt

17.  You deserve to not bother about what they think of your house

18. You deserve to run behind your laundry schedule without guilt

19. You deserve to not be given such look when your children throw their tantrums in public

20.  You deserve to be happy,  content and gratitude with your life because even robots need charging time.

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