I start to question motherhood again

I’m very sure this happens to many mothers that you often,  if not consistently,  ask yourself if you’re really prepared to embark on motherhood and how much more will this job take your sanity away from you.

The continuous need for money,
The accumulated bills to pay,
The prolonged days of staying up to your ill children,
The tiring work of caring for your little ones while being heavily pregnant with your next addition.  Even with your first bun in the oven was already wearing you out,
The attention that your children long,
The piles of pressure and work at office that you can’t run away from because you need to provide..

…are among other things that hesitate you from believing in yourself and feeling that you’re great in the eyes of your children.

Those are some of the circumstances that make you lose your patience to your children thus the anger and scolding.

Those are only part of the situations that make you question the purity of motherhood because your acceptance of this role doesn’t seem to happen.

But you still have it pull it off.
You still have to deal with it.
You still have to bear the burden, for the rest of your life.

While that may sound overwhelming,  allow me to lend my hands and take you to the usually disregarded perspective of motherhood; the lesson that it gives.

Motherhood teaches you what patience really is.
Motherhood teaches you what sacrifice really is.
It reveals the true meaning of living for others through the roles and responsibilities,  through the job that you let go,  through the clothes that you air,  through the expenses that you pay.

But carry on tough mothers because we are doing this together.  We are facing the pretty much same thing everyday.  We go through the same struggle and trouble.  And most importantly,  we are praying for one another.

So let’s focus on the things that we have achieved today and be grateful for it.  It creates content and fulfilment.  It creates happiness.

While I’m writing this down,  I just put my youngest to nap while leaving her 3-year-old sister with The Furchester Hotel.  Thank God adik dozed off because her kakak realised that she was left alone.

But just as I finish,  adik woke up.

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