2-minute grateful list (inspired by Finding Joy)

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Over the past 3-4 years I have always been wondering about the means and ways of keeping a positive mind about myself, my life and anything that I surround myself with. I used to keep a book where I pen all my negative thoughts and experience in. I sure looks hideous with the not-so-good words that I used to describe my emotions,, from 2013 to 2016. I kept it out of reach from not only children but everyone. 
Until I found this particular piece of idea from Finding Joy about the 2-minute grateful list and how much it has helped me to recondition my mind. 
I realise that being positive is mainly about being grateful. If you’re my avid follower, you might have noticed that I changed my blog description from “Motherhood? I find it pretty tough” to the presently appeared, “Grateful brings happiness”. 
Yup, we have to firstly be grateful with the little things we have. Be content and enough with it because such fulfillment will get you to sense of completeness and not looking at the things that you don’t have. 
It basically gives happiness. 
So all it takes folks is just a few Ringgit to print it to out, bind it, and spend some two good minutes daily, think about the things that you are thankful for, that you love, that you are blessed by, and that you appreciate. You can get a pdf copy of it from the site. This is not a paid review. This is simply a little share from me to everyone out there who has been struggling in life. 
Give it a try y’all. It works! 
At least on me <3 

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