We all want the best in life, but in what way(s)?

The New 2017 Zayana aims to finish reading one book per month and she has successfully completed it for the first month of this year.

She still has at least 11 more books to read before the clock strikes 12am on 1 January 2018.

No,  this isn’t just a dream. This is one of my 2017 resolution.

And you should have yours too.  Regardless of what it is as long as it leads you to making the best out of life.

Speaking of life,  which I once not interested in because of my depression and I don’t see anything to look forward for,  I believe (again) that wanting the best from it is acceptable and normal.  But what makes it extraordinary is your principal belief in life.

Making the best of life can be through having fun,  spending money on coffee,  clothes,  cars and the like.  It can also be in the form of continuous contribution to your family,  community and the nation.

This book has taught me to about strive,  struggle,  contribution,  sacrifice and giving more to the people around you.  And that’s among the definition that constitutes meaningful life.

The style of this book isn’t to my liking to be honest because it talks less about Tun M but more on other matters (the things it took come out with this book and other projects)  but I did gain quite a lot of political insights.

Thank you Tun M for your contribution to this country up till now. You have reminded me that my mundane motherhood routine comes with purpose and one of it being to bring about a new generation to lead Malaysia to betterment.

 A 90 something-year-old man could have just chill by the beach with his wife  enjoing cocktail and stuff but instead,  he chose to be with the crowd to be among the agents of change.

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