Too much gadget isn’t healthy but yeah..

One of today’s parenting challenges is the infamous gadgets that’s undeniably helpful to let go of your kids so you can catchup with your sanity.

I mean,  come on everyone needs a little time for themselves every now and then and gadgets are among the best ways to keep your kids quiet.

Yes we know this ain’t healthy.

Yes we know they shouldn’t be looking at it for too long.

Yes we know we should create interactive watching sessions with them.

But the human in us is screaming for some rest while they enjoy playing with the tab.

Or maybe it’s just us misusing those gadgets.  As for me,  I (gotta)  keep reminding myself to occupy my kids with something else.  Books,  crayons,  play doh but I have to admit,  I do let Nusaybah watch youtube a little too much at times while I take my nap.

Gotta improve myself.  Yes I do.

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