The nocturnal mother

Kasi chance sikit nak reminisce the beautiful past. 
I don’t usually love driving let alone driving at night. Mainly because I don’t have clear night vision which may be due to my juling-air and silau eyes. It’s in my blood and I don’t see things well at night. My sister keep making joke of me that I’m usually clumsy while driving which I don’t deny but hey these eyes are lacking in some ways too!
So it’s been a pretty great challenge for me to attend usrah or other programs at night especially at locations that I’m not familiar with. But I’ve slowly changed my mindset that with practice, I know I can conquer this. I don’t really see having kids while driving as much issues because they are strapped in their car seats, so that’s a huge advantage for me. Thank God the car seats work well with them, or is it the other way around?
Anyway, after loads of practices, I’ve gotten the hang of driving to usrah at night with any one of my girls, but it was just recently that I felt a lot more confident to attend other evening programs by IKRAM at Pusat IKRAM Petaling Jaya at Sri Manja Square 2, PJ with the help from google maps, despite been going to that place hundreds of times. 
You see, when at night, everything changes. 
Whatever it is, I am still penning this down because this is another achievement that has been unlocked. I know it’s just driving at night and everyone does that. What’s the big deal?
But for a mother who has been scared of, and even denied by her best friends back in uni to drive at night, this is utterly amazing. This is something worth sharing because it teaches myself that my mind controls what I do. If I take it as a challenge and aim to prove myself to walk through the barrier, than be so. But if I take it as a disadvantage, which I could, then there goes my commitment in usrah, dakwah, and tarbiyyah. 
I hope this inspires you to start fighting for the better you. Even if it’s just about driving under the moon and stars.

But driving in the dark definitely doesn’t amount to being nocturnal.  😉 

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