The day Nusaybah was born

I vividly remember the pain from the first contraction, this day last three years.  The surge was so strong that it woke me up from my nap groaning.

“Adooiii…  Apa yang sakit sangat ni”

I quickly rang my sister (a doctor) and she advised me to call my husband home.  Alhamdulillah he came home immediately.

It started with 20-minute interval.  I was still able to walk,  talk,  laugh,  perform zuhur prayer,  and managed to complete Surah Maryam which I had aimed to do once I’m labour (it was also my favourite surah during my both pregnancies because I could relate to Maryam a.s feeling the pain from giving birth and all those pregnancy tolls).  It did stop me a few times throughout the 98 verses of that surah though.

From 20 minutes apart,  the surges went to 15, 10 and that was when the real game started.  I was already on the hospital bed lying on my back (which was a huge mistake because it amplified the pain) thinking of giving up.  Not wanting to bear any more pain I really hoped for a a ceaserian section so I could quickly get it over with.  But I was blatantly wrong.  No reason to ceaser because cervix dilatation was smooth and baby’s heartbeat was okay.

But one thing that was not okay,  was waiting for my ObGyn to come.

“Manelah doktor ni,  saya nak push dah ni”.

After 3 hours that felt like 30 years,  ObGyn came and ready in her position.  I didn’t really know when and how tu push but Alhamdulillah they guided me throughout me this journey.

Pain was beyond words,  mainly because I didn’t expect it to be that painful. Hey It was my first time,  remember? But through that experience,  l learned to handle my second delivery calmly and it was enjoyable actually. But second delivery is another story for another time.

Above all,  Happy 3rd birthday Nusaybah binti Farhan.  Moga panjang umur,  murah rezeqi,  diberkati Allah.  Cepat besar ye,  boleh ngeteh sama2 dekat GJ and share2 stories!!

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