Potty train: praying for patience

Who goes into the night? 
So they can save the day.
Who are these heroes?
To show you the way? 

Ibu, Papa
We’re the Ibu, Papa 
Ibu, Papa
We’re the Ibu, Papa 

(Original song from PJ Masks)

This is one the most scariest motherhood tasks for me that I have delayed for so long. They say potty train your kids as early as 18 months old but that is not the case for me. I was pregnant with Nuwayrah, when Nusaybah was only 11 months old and pregnancy was really taking its toll on me. So I delayed potty training her. Then when Nuwayrah was born, Nusaybah was already 20 months (1 year 8 months) and I was also occupied with taking care of a baby and a toddler. Delay summore. 

Until I achieved realisation that I can’t drag this any longer. I can’t be in denial from dealing with ‘accidents’. I have to face it now, so I tell myself that okay, the final week of December 2016 it is. Once and for all. Let’s get this over with!  

So I was the mastermind behind this project since I worried so much about it. Alhamdulillah Papa was being very cooperative by agreeing to most of the things I planned. Thank you so much Papa! And Papa, being very technical, was in charge of cleaning the nasty urinated floor. Ibu on the other hand was honoured to clean Nusaybah. 

And this was our regime. We set a certain time interval to take Nusaybah to the washroom or simply sit on her potty which was set near to the washroom. 

Day 1 : Every 40 minutes 
Day 2 : Every 15 minutes 
Day 3 : Every 1/2 hour 
Day 4-6 : Every 1 hour
Day 7-8 : At least every 2 hours. 

Why the sudden change of interval from Day 1 to Day 2? I don’t know. It was a trial and error. But I did ask Nusaybah to drink more even to the extent of bribing her with Air Sirap and Air Oren. Otherwise she won’t drink much and she won’t urinate! I needed to let her experience and associate “full bladder” with bladder sphincter and the washroom. 

At the end of the 8-day course, I must say that we made a great team Alhamdulillah. Each time Nusaybah peed on the floor, we already knew what to do:  

First, the fire alarm *Fight or flight*
Ibu cleaned Nusaybah while Papa handled Nuwayrah 
Ibu then took Nuwayrah from Papa and got her two girls far,far away from the crime scene 
Papa cleared the evidence 
They live happily ever again  

It all seemed PERFECT except for one thing; my PATIENCE. Patience was least prepared, on my side, to handle this project. I got upset, mad and pissed off almost every time Nusaybah peed but then I’d feel sorry for her. Poor girl, my daughter got scolded for something that she didn’t mean and rhat shows how lousy I am as a mother. But I believe I’m not the only one who feels the guilt. Every mom does. 

I was praying for patience just about all the time that whole week. I felt sorry to Papa for having to see me throwing tantrums apart from the kids’. God bless your soul, Papa. 

And this project has definitely showed me that you can have all the tools prepared. You can have all the plans and strategies outlined but at the end of the day, your patience encapsulates everything. If you are yet to patty train your kids, be better than me okay. 

Hoping for a better me when Nuwayrah’s turn come later. Insha Allah. 

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