Perks of motherhood; The Pahala

Pahala means rewards that you can only redeem in the hereafter.  Allah has issued redeemable share in the form of pahala to everyone in many ways be it to the single,  married,  widow,  widower, children,  teenagers,  adults,  EVERYONE and that includes mothers.

Motherhood isn’t always awful.  Yes it takes a whole lot of your life to raise your kids but Allah, being The Almighty,  has already prepared a set of rewards for us.

The pahala for mothers;

1. From the moment you learn that you are carrying another soul in you,  you might not be far from morning sickness and other different kinds of uneasiness.  Going through this phase is already rewarding because we all know that pain brushes off your sins.

2. From the pain of giving birth.
All hail mothers who risked their lives to deliver their babies and God knows how beautiful and crazy that process is!

3. From the tiring sleepless nights.
Insha Allah every second of your night staying up rocking your baby is an ibadah and Allah does take that into account

4. From the sacrifice of putting others first before you which might not be as easy as it sounds. Yes that sure is a thing to fight against and that inner fight to learn putting your family before you is also a way of getting pahala

5. From every penny spent on your family and kids.
Their basic needs,  education,  takaful plan,  medication,  emergencies,  those are all the biggest sadaqah one could offer.

6. From the time spent with them,
Colouring,  riding bicycle,  running around the house,  hide-and-seek,  masak-masak and pondok-pondok.

7. From the meals shared with them,
Either they grab and spill your drink or suap-suap each other,  both come with a set of pahala.

8. From the dzikir and verses of Quran you recite to them,
Before going to bed or during Quranic lessons.

9. From the meals you cooked,
Even if it’s just a quick nasi goreng sardine because that’s the only thing left in the pantry.

10. From the washed,  aired,  ironed and folded clothes although I know we are all ALLERGIC with laundry.

Just as my previous post wasn’t meant to scare future mothers,  this one is by no means to belittle anyone with no children to look after.  I am penning this only to motivate us mothers,  fathers and child minders,  to keep your chin up and carry on marching.  Keep moving forward even if the pahala doesn’t seem feasible because God sees us anyway. He knows the struggle that we go through and He works in mysterious ways.

And pahala comes in many ways. Let’s celebrate our diversity in living life. If God doesn’t bestow upon you a child,  I’m sure He has better plans in hand. Yes, I am not the best person to advise for I have never been in your shoes. But insha Allah, every cloud has a silver lining. Have faith!

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