ONE way to be happy again
After about 4 years of mothering, I realised that people are good at hiding their problems and showing only the great things about their lives.
Admit it ladies,  that we don’t always get to keep a positive mind about our day.  There are ups and downs,  and hardship and ease.  There are times when you only have RM100 left in your bank account and that your pantry is out of canned sardines but you only get to replenish them at the end of the month.
There are moments when you feel like not wanting to sleep because you’re afraid if someone break your house knowing that you are left alone at home with your littles.
There are times when you wish someone else could do the laundry,  the dishes,  the lunch boxes and all sorts of chores your house could offer.
Yes life can be dreadful.
With all these roles that you are playing,
House keeper
It’s difficult to be happy all the time. Or at least maintain being a happy maternal person to your kids who messed the room that you just cleared exactly 5 minutes ago.
With that ladies,  let’s just be real about fixing your emotions that you don’t need a list of means and ways to be happy because chances are you might not be practising what you read and I may not be practising what I preached.
So I’m just going to say this ONE way of trying to be happy again,  that is to CHERISH.
CHERISH every little achievement and accomplishment you had today.
The clothes aired?
The trash thrown?
The floor vacuumed?
Every little job done today,  CHERISH that ladies.
Even if it’s about driving in the dark if that’s an achievement for you.
Like yesterday being the first time I drove home from Shah Alam to KL with my 2 girls crying at the back.  One was looking for her missing magic pen and the other was… I actually didn’t know what was wrong with her.
That was the first time ever I sat behind the wheels after sunset with my 2 girls because all this while I only had one of them with me at those time of the day.
You see,  this might be petty for some mothers but it means the whole world to me.
And I choose to pen this down so I learn to be grateful with my new little milestone.
And from this grateful comes happiness,  Alhamdulillah.
So what’s your story today? Come and tell me.  I’d love to know.

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