My musing on motherhood

I definitely underestimated the role of a mother.  I knew it’s going to be about sleep deprivation and not having much time for yourself but what I didn’t expect was losing my self-worth and living for others.  It may sound overrated for those who are not in our shoes and I don’t mind that really because it did to me before I bear my own child.

And I have to be fair.  Losing or not one’s life depends on the mother herself.  Some may second my point while others may not. Because it’s really up to you on how well you are accepting motherhood.  But I’m 100% confident to say that motherhood in mainly about sacrifice.

To give you a rough idea about it,  here are some real examples that revolve around sacrificing the time for yourself. Yes just this one point with 10 ways to elaborate it.

Sacrifice the time for yourself

1.To rest after coming home from work

2. To take your own extended shower time

3. To enjoy and experience your food with no interruption and extra hands grabbing pieces of chicken and broccoli from your plate

4. To blog.   I blog when they’re asleep.  This is my definition of me-time.

5. To continue doing work at home.  Since I’m barely a supermom,  I don’t do my work around my kids.  I can’t because it’s a little too much when you have 2 toddlers wanting to type on your keypad.  That’s just going to screw my work.

6. To go for an extra hour of sleep on weekends

7. To solat without having being stepped on your head while prostrating

8. To recite Qur’an without having to lose your verse because they flip the pages

9. To continue certain plans and projects that you’ve been looking forward for years because you littles are under the weather. Yes…. Just the right time to demam

10. To just chill on weekends.

I am not listing all this to scare you.  Far am I writing them to tell you to not be a mother.  My sole intention is so that you get the idea of what it’s like being mothers especially with minors.

If you really want to embark on motherhood ask yourself again and again, do you know that it takes PATIENCE,  PERSEVERANCE and SACRIFICE?

Are you really really ready to let go at least some of your interests and passion for the sake of your children? These are not rhetorical questions, you know. These are my musing on motherhood and I’d want you give it a thought. A thorough thought to be exact.

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2 thoughts on “My musing on motherhood

  1. Zad says:

    If you are one of the stay at home dad, you will going through almost the same thing as above. I feel you zayana✌️

    By you, i mean other reader(stay at home dad especially)

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