My dear Motherhood Knight

It’s 2017 now mothers! So everyone is sharing their new year resolution and you are just here doing the same old thing. You might be thinking that it is still the same routine, waking up to the piles of dishes in the sink and dirty laundry to be washed and aired.

You might even forgot that it’s a brand new year perhaps because you are too occupied with your business and work that you need to make extra money to pay for the new school term fees.

It’s just another Sunday. You know, the laundry day. The house chores day. The day that everyone eats Nasi Bungkus take away from the Pasar Tani this morning because you came home at 11.30am and went straight to the kitchen to clean the acquisitions so no time to cook lunch.

Too mundane that you forgot that this day should be a little different as in, going for a celebratory lunch with your other half for making it another year with each other. Or spending the long weekend on a short vacation with your kids.

But guess what my dear Motherhood Knight, it’s okay if your day doesn’t sound that way. Mine neither. I’m still on my potty training regime with my eldest daughter.

It’s okay that we don’t get the chance to pixel another photo of us as a family on instagram so that we look the same with the rest of the people.

Because what makes us happy isn’t necessarily the perfectly filtered picture, but the feeling of inner peace that matters. And a lunch can simply be special anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t always have to be on the NYE or the new year it self. No.

What i’m trying to say is that it’s totally okay if your first day of the new year doesn’t look and sound interesting as theirs because what matters is that you and your family are happy to start the new year, that everything is planned. And that the food and clothes are ready for next week. The success of the new year resolution boils down to the everyday routine. Those are the realities. And that routine that you are doing is totally important for your family.

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5 thoughts on “My dear Motherhood Knight

  1. Aisyah says:

    I can totally relate! On new year’s Day my husband ajak pegi beach and I dreaded it so much it kept me awake that night thinking how tiring it will be!

    But fortunately it turned out alright. Kids had fun. We had fun. Eventhough it rained throughout hahaha. And it wasn’t so tiring at all. Guess we mothers are so succumbed to the job that we forget to have some fun. Hehe

    • Zayana Yusof says:

      Ya allah. You took the words right out of my mouth on that moms being succumbed to their job. I alwaysss forgot how to be the happy mom

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