Mother cum fashion blogger

My general take on fashion is that, it has to be shariah-compliant, 

1. Not see-through
2. Hijab totally covers bosom, shoulder, and the upper back. 
3. Loose clothes 
4. Top reaches below bum 

But I totally understand that not all Muslim women can abide by these principles, because just like everyone else, we all have our own struggles. Some struggle to maintain the daily 5-time prayer or reciting the Qur’an due to their work schedule, while others are finding it hard to cope with the routine of a hijabed girl. 

To dry hair before wearing tudung
To choose the hue that suits your outfit 
To iron them (who likes ironing, duhh? )
Yes it’s challenging

With these challenges, I pray that Allah shower His mercy upon me and grant me strength to remain covering my phisical aurah solely for Him.  And I also pray the same for you ladies out there!  Hugs ladies.  Being hijabed is surely one kind of a commitment!

Speaking about hijab,  I actually have a terrible sense fashion since I was a kid. I’d choose the simplest style that would ease my out and about, as long as the colour matches and the materials ironed.

Back in high school,  I remeber consulting my bestfriends what to wear for our Pengawas Annual Dinner and I took their advices word by word. I even won Female Best Dressed in Form 5 from a simple elegant look that my best friend suggested. Yeayy! Haha.  

And before my daughters came into the picture, I usually loved trying new hijab styles (can’t help it y’all).  But now that they are running,  jumping, and screaming,  I don’t bother about double or tripple-loop hijab and whatnots.  I’d prefer single-loop instant hijab,  with a layer of foundation and lipstick on my face.  Yeah,  that’s about it.

But fashion isn’t just about new make-up and fancy clothes.  The idea that fashion connects us women comes in so many ways because a fashion blog or magazine does revolve around all aspects in life.

Relationships, finance, travel, health, motherhood, and even recipes just as ZCOOP, the digital magazine by ZALORA, has it.  I’m marveled by the variety of topics that they cover in their online magazine and what attracts me most is that they are calling for fashion blogger or writer into their mags! This is a great chance to broadcast your skills y’all, because they have over 3.7 millions visitors on ZALORA alone since March 2015. 

So if you’re interested to give ZCOOP ZALORA Magazine a try, simply drop them an email and your article to the Editor-in-Chief OF ZALORA ZCOOP Digital Magazine, Aini Shah at  

-with the articles you have in mind for specific category(s) and,

-a brief (one paragraph) description of your self-introduction and what kind of topics you are interested in.

Not only that, you can choose to write in fully Bahasa or English for the digital magazine. Awesome right?

Follow this format for the subject line: [COUNTRY] [CATEGORY] – [TITLE] – [AUTHOR NAME]. 

Other than that, write to them a brief description of your article idea (e.g. “400-word article on travel) in the body of your email and also,

-send along a couple of writing samples (if you have any). 

They will evaluate from there and get back to you soon!

I’m so going for it! insha Allah! 

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