Happy birthday sister!

Then, 2009

I always talk about motherhood and marriage basically because these are some of the prominent things that presently take a big portion of my life.

That results in me overlooking the little things that still matter to me, such as my second elder sister’s birthday.

It’s her 30th birthday today with the roles of mother of three,  wife,  PhD student and entrepreneur.  My Kak Ela.

Now,  our sisterhood relationship didn’t start well actually because I fought A LOT back in our childhood days. Fighting,  arguing, quarreling and all sorts of disagreement were prevalent especially when we were in primary school.  We fought over food, I always took her stuff (so it’s true that adik loves to take their abang/kakak belongings from stationery,  food,  to clothes).

She likes raspberry tea,  I love coffee
She likes business,  I love writing
She cooks and bakes,  I…. Basically don’t
She’s hard-headed,  I’m the opposite
She sees things positively, while I still struggle for that

Despite our differences,  we got each other’s back.  I remember how she helped me with my wedding,  went for a babymoon to Bandung and was still able to buy the door gift bags for my wedding.  She handled the door gift too,  from searching to ordering online.  She got the guest book ready, the food packed for relatives and neighbours,  the bed sheet for bilik pengantin…  What would I do without my Kak Ela??

She introduced me to different approaches of handling pregnancy,  delivery,  and child care.

She showed me the way to not think too much about going to the malls with kids, because apparently her baby sister’s head is missing a screw or two.  She guided me towards chillin’ and enjoying life even when I have to go to the diaper room every now and then.

She gave a new perspective to my life,  that we shouldn’t allow motherhood to take its toll on us. Live simply.  Enjoy little things.

She’s basically LIVING LIFE!

Happy 30th Birthday sisthur!  I pray for your health physically mentally financially and in marriage,  firm iman,  anak-anak soleh, and May Allah bless you. Husnul khotimah.   Hidup dan mati dalam redha Allah.

Adik yang selalu amik barang ko.

Now, 2017

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