A request peculiar to children

I remember listening to a ceramah on radio about the thing in life that you’ll miss the most when on your death bed.  It is missing the routine that you used to have and among those are taking care of your children.

You’ll miss bathing them
Feeding them
Rocking them to sleep
Staying up with them
Colouring with them

I know I’ll miss this view, I know I’ll miss cleaning up the scattered crayons on the floor.

And I have come to realised that allowing my girls smudging our wall with crayons is far better than leaving them alone with gadgets. I now have even more Da Vinci-like work of art on my bedroom walls but that’s okay because I want them to explore and express their creativity.

And by the way, they behave a whole lot better without gadgets. Less cranky. More happy because of the available room of freedom to explicitly speak what their hearts say. And these request of writing on the walls and colouring together after school are peculiar to children.

It’s okay if your room and/or house is always in huge mess.

It’s okay if your walls are full of sketches and they look horrible.

It is all going to end sooner or later. These are all just temporary.

What essentially important is to not compare your state of house with others.

To not be ashamed of it.

To not be offended when they ask why is house no better than shipwreck?

They do not know what you go through everyday, the constant bending of collecting toys, the constant carrying of your baby and tots, the running up and down the house just to answer a phone call.

Thus they have no rights to judge how you leave your house in.

As for me, I’ll just bid farewell to white minimalist bedroom, for now.

Ibu, colour banyak-banyak dulu okay, Lepas tu baru tidur

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