When they give a plethora of advice

The potty trainee and her PJ Masks miniature
I have been receiving quite a number of responses from friends asking if I’m alright and offering their shoulders to cry on. Thank you girl friends! But I have actually talked to a lot of people for the past 3 years. And I have listened to abundance of replies from encouraging to disruptive.
Masalah kamu ni kecik je. Orang lain lagi susah
Now that, my dear readers,  is a form of response that belittle the person’s struggle.
I am so used to getting such return if I share my problems with people (but when I don’t share my problems they kecik hati pulak. Urghh). So I’m not affected by it anymore now. Chill je. Because people simply do not know what it’s like having negative thoughts the first thing you wake up every morning. They are not in your shoes when you have to physically constrain yourself from following what your mind says.
Some are not able to do that, which leads them hurt themselves or others, or even commit suicide or murder.
But don’t worry. I’m fine. I can still handle my kids even when I’m alone. Insha Allah.
So basically, I just keep reminding myself that people don’t know my struggle. They don’t understand me. That’s it  I don’t have to take what they say personally. And I’M HAPPY this way!
What I need now is to proceed with my treatment and maintain a CLEAR communication with spouse, family and friends. In fact, I have actually deepened my understanding about the extent of communication being integral to marriage.
Anyway, I’m still on medication, and we are on the sixth day of potty training Nusaybah. At times, I got pissed off when she had ‘accidents’ and yeah sometimes I’m okay with it. So I would say, everything is in good terms. Alhamdulillah.

And oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR folks!

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