Patience is the main engine of potty training

It’s only the forth day but I think I have grown up a little more. Nusaybah is finally able to say ‘Ibu, nak kencing’ after a few nerve-wrecking days of training her to pee and poo in the washroom. I know that this is just the beginning and ‘accidents’ will still occur.

I have actually been pretty impatient for this day to come. I wanted her to quickly grab the concept and master the art of controlling her bladder sphincter that I forgot to be the happy mom. She had to remind me over and over again, ‘Ibu, happy lah’.
Okay Nusaybah, as much as I want you to not accidentally pee on the floor, I should remain calm and happy to you and the rest of the family member.
So for first time parents who are yet to potty train their kids, remember it’s all about patience. 
And oh guys, I’m letting this go for Rm150. Wore once. Size 6. WhatsApp for more details yea. +6019-6031816

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