Reciprocated love

The other day I went to Tesco, the BABIES section to be exact, in search of Nusaybah’s t-shirts but I couldn’t find her size (3-4 years old). As they only have the maximum size of 18 months, I went round and round the section. Little did I realise that Nusaybah has outgrown the Babies’ sizes and her clothes are now available in the KIDS section. O Lord, where has the time gone?  Why did it fly so fast? It felt like just yesterday that I gave birth to her and now she’s a toddler who is reaching towards the age of a preschooler.

I was also touched to see how she has grown up to be. This is another story, so I went for a celebratory (i refuse to call it bachelorette as to what it actually symbolises) lunch with my soon-to-be bride best friend. Just us, Nina Amani Alia Zayana and I brought along Nusaybah and Nuwayrah.
As I was pretty occupied to feed Nuwayrah, Nusaybah was keen to feed me and so I reciprocated her love. What is even more amazing is that Nina was able to snap a few photos of us three and that has really really touched my heart.
Thank you sayang ibu for never giving up with me. Thank you for putting up with my whining and living a brand new day with me. I am deeply sorry for whatever bad behaviour and words that ever came out of me. Im learning to be a mother, a giver.
And tonight, as I carried her from my bed to her mattress, I came to realise that Ya Allah, she is one heavy kakak! Wasn’t it just yesterday that she weighed 2.9kg?

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