Haven’t gotten much pahala today? Go kiss your kids

I have been missing this a lot. #thefreedom #justsaying 

When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqah, a knowledge (of Islam) from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du’a for him.”

Most of us know of this hadeeth that it drives us to make sadaqah every now and then, even with the littlest effort of smiling to others. What else, removing nails off the street, donating some amount of money to the mosque. Yes, those are counted as sadaqah in which, the rewards are ongoing. But then I thought, how could I benefit from my kids making du’a for me even when I’m 6 feet under if I don’t introduce Qur’an to them at this early age? I mean, if you want your kids to continue the legacy of your business empire, you gotta get their hands on entrepreneurship as early as possible, no? The same goes with this hadeeth. 
During the first year of motherhood I’d always thought that I don’t have enough time for some Quran Study or mengaji session with my (then) baby. But then I realised that it’s about our mind. If we manage our time well, (don’t la sleep again after subuh prayer and such) insha Allah you will make time for a quick mengaji session. But let’s be real, things might go awry like what, wake up late, getting behind your schedule because you forgot to unload the washing machine last night. That’s okay. Ans guys, please don’t think that I practice all this everyday. Just like most mothers, I am striving myself. 
Because I guess it’s about the effort of making it happen that counts. Reciting one page of Quran with them per day is probably more than enough for mothers whose kids are SO into flipping the pages, playing with the bookmark-ribbon, or hanging on your back while pulling off your telekung string. 
I am writing this only because I was touched by a short lecture from Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki on ikim.fm about providing Islamic upbringing for our children at the early age. I remember he said that if you want your children to consistently make dua for you, perform solat jenazah for your remains, you gotta first educate them about it. You gotta keep tabs of their Islamic knowledge, progress and practices. Although I’m not really sure where I’m currently heading to, but yeah at least I try. 
I have never been a maternal lady. I prefer personal space. And to be honest, I used to hate having my kids disturbing my prayer and mengaji because seriously, I perform prayers to seek peace of mind, not to be smacked down while prostrating! But then this is the struggle, that I really have to learn having them around whilepraying instead of passing them to their dad. Yes it is undeniably annoying but I have to live with it. 
Oh anyway, I haven’t recited the Quran for today and that means I still gotta have the mengaji session with my girls. It’s 10.30am now and I have a little over 12 hours before calling it a day. 
Here’s a hadith that says, kissing your kids makes pahala for you: 
Narrated by Anas bin Malik r.a he said: “:Prophet Muhammad s.a.w took Ibrahim r.a. (his son) and kissed him and smelled him”. Narrated by Bukhari. Rasulullah s.a.w practised this, that means it’s a sunnah. Oh well, you practise sunnah you get pahala. 
ps: I have actually been stressed out since yesterday evening knowing that it’s a long weekend. Because weekend lagi penat. Well, at least for me. 

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