Give yourself grace, mothers

A whole bunch of grace. In the midst of the multiple roles that you are playing;
Tax and bills payer
Give yourself a bearhug in the middle of the everynight oncalls that you have to go through, especially when it starts to take a toll on your relationship with people around you.  You know,  the sleep deprived you means the grumpy you. 
Although this may all seem like it will never end,  believe me it will.  There will be a time when you stop bathing them,  feeding them,  washing their hair and draining their poops because they no longer need your help.
It only takes patience, preserverance,  diligence, and heaps of day and night training without giving in. That’s about it,  piece of cake eyh? 
I am not saying this because im a super mom,  no. My husband seen it all.  The ugly, furious and drained me.  But i am writing this down to remind myself and others to hang in there. 
To ask for help from God.
To surround ourselves with positive reminders and sharing from other moms who currently are going or have already went through it. 
To know that almost all mothers with littles are just as or a little more burned out than we are when dealing with tantrums. They just don’t post that on instagram.
So let’s grace ourselves, mothers. 
Grab a cup of coffee or a book if that’s what you love.
Go for a me-time walk or schedule for a girls catchup sesh if that’s what you long for. 
Find a time to Qadha‘ your sleep, if that’s what you need the most.
Don’t worry much about your kids,  let their Dad takes charge of the household every once in a while.  I mean,  come on you need a break too,  no? 
Sometimes all we need to do is just ask.  And in our case,  a little help from le husband.

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