I don’t always take selfies, but when I do..

“Sesungguhnya isteri yang memasakkan untuk suaminya makanan sahur dan berbuka sepanjang Ramadhan, maka akan terbuka baginya pintu-pintu Shopping Complex dan ia dapat masuk melalui mana-mana pintu yang ia kehendaki”

-Riwayat ibu-ibu-

Whoever wrote this, he/she has such wit that he/she never fails to tickle my funny bone each time i read it. It adds more meaning to our mundane life. It takes our sense of humour a little up and makes us realise that heyy.. we gotta chill sometimes ya know!

Speaking of chill, I just noticed that I have been posting a number of selfies on instagram and those photos are captioned with motivation and self-content texts. It may not be a reflection of my day or my life but it just stands as a way to remind myself to always be grateful with what I have. And I hope it would motivate even a single person on that site if he/she had a rough day. I also hope that  those words count as an ibadah that i can take along to the hereafter.

This was taken a few days after Eid, when everyone else was having a lackadaisical day to getting to back to work after a long raya break, Vivy Yusof posted on instagram about how excited she was to get her hands back on the orders. 

Don’t mind the PicLab stamp, the caption says, 

I may not have the life of vivy yusof. But i am still proud to be zayana yusof. And i adore vivy yusof for her positive vibes. Above all, i’m very sure that both Zayana Yusof and Vivy Yusof have wounds (scratches) on their face hasil cakaran anak.

I was inspired by the young entrepreneur. I mean look at her, she’s married for four years with two small kids and she’s only 28. We are going through pretty much the same path so i thought i SHOULD look forward to live a brand new day because afterall we doing ibadah for Allah. 
Today, i decided to take another selfie and complement it with;

When i take selfies, i look like neither siti nurhaliza nor siti nordiana. but im still happy to be norzayana despite the constant struggle to be a good muslim n mukmin.


“Akak, kadang2 tu kita struggle2 but it leads to nowhere lah kak.”.“Mungkin Allah nak awk bersabar dgn benda yang takde progress tu? Mungkin di sebalik kesabaran tu lah terletaknya pahala and itulah sebenarnya ujian awak”.

This is to remind myself, we may thought that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence when the truth is, we are all going towards the same direction which is Allah. What makes us especial in our own way is the different path that we take hence the different struggles. 

I was recently astounded by a simple advice from my dear friends about how Allah might be testing our patience and that’s just it. I have been trying to improve my motherly skills and patience but I guess it leads to nowhere. I am still the cuckoo mother with scrambled emotions because i can be lovely in one minute and monstrous in the next. Upon listening to my friends’ words of wisdom, they have widened my horizon about the meaning of trials and tribulations in life. 
Yup, maybe Allah just wants to see how far my patience can get, how much effort i make to get myself closer to Him, and how often i mention His name in my daily routine. Gotta work on these y’all! 
And at the same time, I look forward to begin my new career real soon.  Have i told you that teaching and education is in my blood? 

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