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As I begin writing on the Blogger Apps in my phone, it is already 2.05am. With no sign of sleeping, I thought might as well I do some blogging. My least hope is that this will benefit anyone who drops by my little cottage. I got the idea of the title from Colbie Caillat’s Take Time To Realize. 

Just as the lyric goes, take time to realize that she is on his/her side, I am taking my time too, to accept that I have two little ones who are always by my side. Demanding to be lifted, fed, bathed, tucked in, and almost everything. This is definitely challenging and I’m not going to lie about that. When most people usually illustrate only the beauty of having a baby/kid that makes the family portrait look perfect, I prefer to discuss about the struggle of getting everyone ready for the photo shoot. The behind-the-scene stories that we don’t usually blog about, that expecting parents are most of the time not aware of. 
Okay let’s go to the point right away. Am I the only one struggling to accept the arrival of new souls in my live? Or are you all finding it good and not much of a burden? It’s okay if we don’t share the same struggle, I am still sharing this in case you know anyone who are in the same boat as mine. It’s not that we don’t love our kids, heck, we do! It’s the time we need to fall in love with this unpaid job that guarantees a place in Jannah provided we do it solely for Allah.  
We are the less fortunate ones who need more time to set our heart on the kids. We kinda need to digest, what on earth are we doing to be juggling here and there. We are trying to figure out what do we get by having the kids being clingy to us most of the time. Yes we should be grateful for the chance to have our kids right under our nose and to be able to witness their milestones from time.
I agree that certain working mothers, especially those who are on postings; doctors, nurses, army, teachers, must have been envying us for this nikmat. We are tested differently and most importantly within our capability. As for me, Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to be handling our kids and I pray that Allah grant us continuous strength to handle the underlying struggle. 
I don’t even know how to put this in words, most of the time I feel like leaving the kids in their daycare and never wanting to pick them up but I am also missing them. Probably because we have never been apart for more than 48 hours, I am only wanting to have some alone time. Just like most mothers that it’s not that we don’t love them. We are just pretty tired of the constant giving. And please don’t get us wrong, this is not to whine but to share and let every mother knows that you are not alone in this journey. 
That we are all, wanting about the same thing, some time alone. Away from the chores and laborious schedule.  But at the same time, we want them to have the perfect upbringing as well. And guess what, motherhood is mostly about sacrifice. The sacrifice of having ample time to get ready for the photo shoot. The sacrifice of changing your clothes because of the stains on your shoulder that  makes you look terrible and of course you would want to look good in your family portrait. The struggle of making the kids standing still and smile to the camera. These are the struggles behind every perfect family portrait with small kids. 
No wonder some find it hard to fall in love with this job. And if you are among those, kindly brace yourself. Take your own time to accept your fate and carry on with life. Never mind if you are not loving your kids as much as those pictured on Facebook and Pinterest because to each their own. Go at your own pace. This is not a competition, take time to fall in love with your kids. 

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