Delayed gratification

If I am asked to describe motherhood in just two words, I’ll say that it is mostly about delayed gratification. Because one will need to always put their children first before themselves. Even if they do not want or reluctant to, the motherhood instinct will get them through it. I don’t know, perhaps this is just another nature of a mother that they are willing to put aside their desires just to see them kids have the best that life could offer. 

And please don’t get me wrong, I am writing this only to portray the life of after giving birth so that y’all could get a glimpse of what motherhood is (probably partially) about. I do not intend to describe delayed gratification academically for I am not the best person to do so. I am just applying this concept in motherhood and parenting. 

So delayed gratification is, in brief, about the ability to wait for later rewards. It’s like you know, letting go of the sudden lucrative business opportunities because you son is currently ill. Or missing the chance to be interviewed and get famous because the schedule clashes with you children’s tae kwon do exams and such. Google has loads of means and ways of handling delayed gratification such as having positive thoughts, be content with your possessions, and always keep the saying that good things come to those who wait and you’ll be fine with delaying your rewards. Yes true indeed, because even in the Qur’an, it is said that, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favour];..” (Ibrahim: 7).
However, putting those ideas into practice isn’t always easy. You’ll be tempted to catch all other sorts of opportunities; job promotion, business expansion, and leave behind the chores, the kids and their meals. Since managing a household is always a struggle if you choose to keep up with it, that is, you’ll tend to sacrifice your passion in other things. It just happens. 

But thinking that Allah will always reward you even for the littlest deed you do, you know sooner or later, that you’ll get what you wish for. You’ll reach to that point of success that you have always been wanting for. It’s okay mothers, your sacrifices to raise the kids will be paid off. If not in here, it will surely be in the hereafter insha Allah. 

If there is any of you who are struggling to accept the fate that y’all are now mothers and you are coping with the new roles, and couldn’t understand a thing about why you should let go a lot of your desires for the sake of the new kid in the family, that is totally normal. You’ll get the hang of it soon insha Allah. 
Chin up mothers! And oh, carry on with the laundry y’all!! 

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