Parenting and bedtime dawdling

Just as I begin writing, may 5 months old is starting to make sounds. She just woke up and desires to be taken out of her cradle. Nap time is over, at least for now and it’s time to play peek-a-boo with mommy. Okay give mommy a little more time to blog okay because ideas are pouring out so mommy cannot resist the laptop.
Bedtime or nap time dawdling is just as common as refusing to eat. And there are heaps of ways to tackle this issue you just have to google them. Positive parenting will say that this is another power struggle that your kids are trying to do in order to get your attention. Typical mat saleh will say that this is just another behaviour of a Terrible Two. 
But Zayana is saying brace yourself, parents with small kids. I know how excruciatingly painful dawdling can be especially when you are all exhausted after a long meeting at the office. That you cannot stand another hour to deal with your children delaying their bedtime. All you want is your own good night sleep and that’s just it. 
But the thing is, they will always beg for an extended playtime. They’ll find reasons and ways to keep everyone awake. They’ll make you parents play with them, or sing, or dance together with the Incy Wincy Spider or that 20 different versions of The Wheels On The Bus. Feeling guilty or no point of forcing them to bed, you submit to them.

I am not blogging for means and ways of handling bedtime dawdling. But I am blogging to help you mothers to stand on your feet and lead your children to how you want them to be. Leading is not always easy because it takes courage, sacrifices, and ability to make wise decisions that you might be clueless about. This is a long, tiring, journey but towards the end, it can turn you dumbfounded seeing that your sacrifices are all worth it. 
This too shall pass. 
The kids will leave the nest, before you realise. 
Soon, you’ll be on your own because they have left for college or boarding school. 
Yes, motherhood, fatherhood, parenting are constant struggle. But try at least for a while, in the midst of the madness of trying to get your kids to bed, to cherish that moment with them. 
Make another (and another and another) attempt to preserve that beautiful moment of having them singing cheerfully right at your sleepy face because soon, they’ll grow up. You don’t have to tuck them in bed any longer. Before you begin missing doing those things, might as well you, I, and we all cherish our every little moments together with them.

Yes I too get frustrated to stay up till late night.

I too get upset from being sleep deprived.

I too, like everyone else shed tears because I don’t think I can stand this routine any longer.

That said, let’s all brace and remind ourselves that this too, shall pass. While trying to give ourselves grace, remember that this phase doesn’t repeat itself. We can do this y’all. Yes we can.

And I wish you all the best.

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