The pretty messy journey

That’s mainly what motherhood is about, especially those with little ones.
The journey that takes away your night sleep or if you’re lucky you’ll get some, just enough to keep your sanity during the day. 
The route that gets you charged for fashion crime and I have committed numerous number of charges, tudung senget, tak matching, wearing the same washed tudung over and over again even when you still have loads of other tudungs in the closet, twitched jubah because you had to hold the baby while trying to put the big sister’s sandals on. 
The adventure that tests your patience to the highest level and you know that there is no point of yelling at the kids because the thing is, they don’t get you. But you actually did. 
The course that makes you wonder what and why are you doing all this and where to go next. 
The passage that gets you clutched upon realising that your bank account is kinda empty but you gotta have money for the new school term. 
But at some point, you’ll just keep going in this course, because you believe and have faith that this unpaid job will bring you to the Almighty in the hereafter…… even the truth is, you’re clueless about it too. At times though. 
I guess this is among the ways Allah is taking our iman to a whole new level, that He is gonna test us with some fightings over the Legos, or crying or refusing to eat when they are actually hungry and that’s just it, or some disputes on whose socks are those and why don’t they match?
I know how dreadful this can be and for first time mothers who just popped their babies, it’s definitely horrible to be dealing with engorged you-know-what. Confinement is recovery period and it also means being limited in almost every angle. That is just plain annoying when you were doing good driving, cooking, folding wash clothes all by yourself last week and there you are lying in bed with aches all of a sudden. 
Now you know what if feels eyh?
Now you get what this Makcik on this blog has been ranting about eyh?
That’s okay mothers. Because it’s the clumsiness that makes you a real mother not the mother-daughter matched dress. 
And it’s totally fine to be overwhelmed by the chores and messed living room because we are all humans with senses and women do have great eyesights on how the house looks like. So it’s not only okay to let the house turn upside sound because the kids are playing Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s certainly all right to feel devastated over it. My point is, never mind what others might think about you, but for the sake of emotional stability let everything out. 
Let your spouse know of you worries, and how aching it is to be seeing the sloppy house because might as well y’all get some sloppy joes and that’s certainly more fun!
Let your sisters and girl friends noticed if you’re not feeling good about yourselves because motherhood does takeaway your confidence at certain point. Face it, with marks, scars, and weight gains, not everyone can handle this. 
It’s okay if you are all strained with the newborn crying all night long because you know that that shall pass but why on earth things are very hard for you? Look for some sharing from the akak-akak at your office then you’ll realise how normal that is for every young parent. 
Even if you can’t find your way out of this miserable life, hang in there. Just hang in there and remind yourself over and over again that there must be something that life wants to teach you. Even the littlest thing like patiently waiting for them kids to get into the car will make you a better person. 
We are all courageous mothers and we brace ourselves at difficult times (with tears I know). We listen to each other and we support all good causes that any of us wants to make. Go mothers, this is how we grow strong as a woman. 
And I strongly believe that ten years down the road I’ll be looking behind and say, hey those hardships weren’t that bad after all! 
This is certainly a book that I’ll blog about insha Allah. 
So if y’all want to get one or more for yourself and another mother, 

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