Mardhatillah in motherhood

I am no ustazah let alone a star in Tanyalah Usatazah TV program. But I simply love the word Mardhatillah even when I first heard it back in Taylor’s in 2008.

Mardhatillah, in lay man term means Redha Allah. Or should I say, it is when Allah is pleased with us. So theoretically, Allah will be pleased with us when we do what He demands us to do and we leave behind whatever that is prohibited.


As a student, we study, do good in exams, don’t cheat, show respect to our lecturers, and work well with our teammates in group assessments.

As a son/daughter, we listen and obey our parents. We conduct a harmonious discussion session whenever we need clarifications on why you have to do the laundry while your elder brother gets to only sweep the floor once a week and that is obviously unfair.

As a member of the community, we help our neighbour’s little son to get his sandals out from the huge drain.

But that was then, during my early acquaintance with Mardhatillah, when I was a student, daughter, who lived in the college residential building. I gripped this word wholeheartedly and tried to make everything I do from nap time to taking the shuttle bus to campus as ibadah to Allah. Things will become ibadah only when you set your intention for Allah. Say for instance, “I go to class today, because I wanna know more about Accounting and why cash is high in liquidity. This is for Allah” There you have it, an ibadah that comes with rewards.

That was fairly straight forward and achievable.

But why do things sound so hard when it comes to motherhood, when this is obviously an ibadah too? I don’t know, perhaps because of knowing that motherhood will be in you forever once you bear/adopt a child. That means you gotta face the hiccups along the way and “worse” there is no turning back.

Now hang on a second no turning back? What if I feel like I can’t go on anymore?

You just gotta chin up, walk straight and cry the saying “carry on tough mom, carry on!” out loud while taking your little son to the kitchen to wash his knees because he fell from the Rambutan tree.

Finding mardhatillah in motherhood is a huge thing. In general, the routine, the re-arrangement of priorities, and readiness to put others before you, the midnight diaper change and trying to burp your infant, the disagreement with spouse on where to send your kid for tuition classes, the future education plans for your kids that interrupt with yours. These are all ibadah for Allah if you set your intention for Him. This is also when you learn about love and sacrifice  and brings your patiences up to a whole new level.

This is when you become the better you. But are learning things the hard way. And can you afford going through this for the rest of your life?

I know you would say, you can’t. Because we are all humans with desires of being free and care about no one but ourselves.

Then again, this is when Mardhatillah comes in, because the fact that you live on this planet to;

1. Serve Allah

2. Be a khalifah,

you have to realise that Mardhatillah is the ticket to end your tiring journey as an ‘Abid and Khalifah to enter Jannah hereafter.

Now we all know that picking up your kids from school, cooking for your family, folding their washclothes, rocking them to sleep are all ibadah. And yes I admit it is not always that I set my intention for Allah because most of the time I would whine and rant instead.

But I hope with our daily struggles to make our motherhood routine as ibadah, that would elevate our status in the eyes of Allah.

I hope that we can all make prayers for one another, so that we could embrace motherhood with our whole mind and soul and accept that motherhood is mostly about constant giving. Yes it is tiring to give more and more without being acknowledged and assured that you’ll be taken care of later when you could no longer walk and talk. But your future is for Allah to hold.

What more important now is to remind yourself, daily, to reset your intention of being a mom for Allah. And pray that He’ll grant you his Redha, and that will be your boarding pass to enter Jannah with your spouse and wonderful kids. Insha Allah.

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