To the moms who are tired of doing laundry

 As I write this, I’m taking a five (maybe more)-minute break from organising the clothes.
I have long bid farewell to folding my two girls’ clothes but not mine and husband’s. And yeap, gotta allocate certain days for laundry in a week, or else, there goes the another piece of your socks and mitten and booties.
I truly understand what it’s like to be doing the same thing over and over and over again and never get it done. Worse, you don’t get to keep up with it and I hate digging in to the bucket to look for a missing mitten. To avoid that, I know I have to wake up in the middle of the night (at times, not that often) to make sure things are in order. Turn on the washing machine for the first load, and second load in the next morning, hang and fold in the same day if possible.
I’m currently a SAHM (stay at home mom) enjoying my maternity leave. But I know things won’t be looking this perfect once I’m back in uni. And when those packed schedule come, laundry is what I could never keep up with.

And I know this is way better than those moms struggling with work and family. Especially those working on shifts, doctors and nurses. You ladies have my utmost respect and may Allah reward you with many good returns for sacrificing your quality time with family, just to be in the hospital and help us, the normal people, who can’t even differentiate emergency cases from the non-urgent ones.
All I’m saying is that every mom has a uniquely different story from another. Each has their own struggle of keeping the family organised while making sure the mom herself is being sane all the time. SAHM, WAHM, FTWM are all having their own challenges in being a mother, wife, in-law, daughter, and the slave of Allah in the first place. 
Working moms might be juggling between work and family, but at least working outside home is also a me-time for her. 
Working at home moms are surely to have constant battle to keep up with both chores, kids and work. But at least she feels more independent to live on her own with the kids and she gets to sneak out every now and then to “settle some work” and leave the kids to Dad for a while.
Housewives may be kinda stressed to be dealing with the kids and chores all the time, every single day, and not having much chance to see how the world looks like this few days, but seeing the kids grow up before her is surely every mom’s wish. That’s one undeniable rezqi for them. 
What’s more important now is for moms to take a break, sit back, and relax for a little while and enjoy your iced coffee and be content for whatever littlest thing accomplished for today. Even if it is having the shoes organised or throwing the trash, or being able to have 20-minute educational flashcard session with the little ones. Because those are still achievements. 
Each time my kids are driving me crazy, i’ll most probably drop some tears, and then i’ll remind myself that it’s okay, at least I have got *insert something* done today. 
And yes, i’m sleep deprived. -

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