25 and sleep deprived

     Midnight alarm, her medicine time. 

Although I didn’t do much this time last 25 years, for it was my Mom who did the hard work to bring me into this world, I’m grateful for being where I am today, I’m thankful to be surrounded with so many good people, family, and friends. A pinch of bliss from Allah, indeed. So yes, I still look forward for October 5th every year.

And this time round, 5.10.15 itself is a beautiful date. It dawned on me that I gave birth to a baby girl a month before this day and Alhamdulillah for the challenges, multitaskings, confusions, that turn me again to be sleep deprived, and encounter other totally normal motherhood hiccups. 
Having said that, things are in pretty good shape probably because I’m relatively prepared for this second time. It’s just the laundry, stains of “terjeluak” and puke on the couch and bed, sticky floor from the spilled milk, the chaos of bringing the babies to sleep, and not having a proper meal time because someone is crying her lungs out to be lifted… But that’s okay. I know I can’t have it all together. I know I can’t always pull things off the way I wanted. And most importantly, I know that this too shall pass. 
To the moms who are going through the same, chin up. Let’s take it easy and learn that we all need time adapting to changes. And if you kinda need extra adaptation period, let people know. I’m sure they’ll understand (but if they don’t, let them be. Haha). 
I may only be 25 years old, but that could be half of my years. And in that first chunk, I might have spent most of them on unncessary matters, thinking about the worries in me, that I should’ve been better, and not realising that I forgot to appreciate the beauty and blessings in my life (in other words, be grateful).
To the moms who think that they’ve had enough, Let’s not just sit and whining about why aren’t you happier now that you are a mom and you have always wanted to be one. Instead, take some time to reflect on nikmat, rezeqi, little accomplishments you have made for the day even if it’s just folding washclothes because hey, with you getting it done, that has made everyone’s life easier by a lot more. And to top it off, rewards are waitinf for you in the hereafter. 
Yes being a mom doesn’t come with a paycheck, what more compensations and benefits. But being a mom shapes the future of a nation. Being a mom prepares you to face the unexpectable (through errands, and emergencies). And by being a mom, Allah has prepared tonnes of rewards waiting to be redeemed in the hereafter. Insha Allah. 

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