A piece of kentang on your roti telur banjir

That is how it feels like to be having a timeout.

You know, when you ordered for a roti telur banjir and what is brought to you is as requested plus a piece of softly cooked potato, it’s like heaven on earth. It gives the extra texture to your hot curry and fluffy roti telur. And you wish to venture into this pleasure and never find your way out.

Fortunately, life calls for a reality check that you still have work to do at office/home. The submission deadlines and laundry that seem to have mixed together in the washing machine, the ironing and dishes that have been waiting for ages to be dealt with, the tuition fees and utilities that need to be paid in a few days time,

the “pressure” of seeing other mothers uploading their new kitchen cabinet, the voices saying that you gotta work harder to make sure things are in place, are all part and parcel of adulthood and you forgot to take some time for yourself,

to rejuvenate your soul

to get back to your initial purpose of life

to review and reflect where you have been going to

to take corrective actions wherever necessary.

But we are all too occupied to take a break at least for a little while, and enjoy our roti telur banjir, or schedule a coffee date with the girl friends, or go for a date with the husband and simply replenish the good old days when it was just the two of you.

Gosh, have you lost the joy and happiness in life?

No, please take a step back and get some room for yourself. I love reading motivational book, surfing internet, blogging (obviously. haha), youtube-ing, and sometimes I even go for instant noodle while watching 19 Kids and Counting. I know I have to give myself a break because if I don’t, Ibu will turn into a monster

So mothers and wives, do what you love doing;

– social work

– catchup sessions

– spiritual programs

– a walk at the nearest park

– observe others of less fortunate

– weekend getaway with just you and husband

 and get refreshed!! 

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