Since Mars and Venus are spelled differently…

…well, you can’t expect your wife to love reading automotive and gadget tabloids just like you do on every weekend. 
And it’s almost impossible to be seeing your husband replying to your text while changing your youngest son’s diaper. 
Nahh.. Things don’t work that way because neuro-scientifically, men simply have different brain and neurons structure than that of women. 
Example 1: 
Why husbands don’t always say that they love us? 
Because they lack the wires (neurons) that connect the left brain (verbal) with the right (emotions)
Example 2:
Why women nag? 
It’s due to their opposite of men’s inter-brain neurons that ease them women to speak out (left brain) whatever their heart is screaming of (emotions. Right brain). 
The two examples are generally speaking for I know that there are those men who are fine with verbally expressing their affection to their wife and some women do love cars, and mechanical stuff. 
Nevertheless, I’d love to emphasize that this can be among the miscommunication factors that could lead to the third world war in a household, simply because one is upset when his/her spouse can’t perform the job like he/her does. 
Typical sayings like 
Wife: You ni, slow lah. takkan benda simple pun tak boleh buat? Cepatlah sikit!
Husband: Sabarlah, satu-satu okay. Lepas ni i buat pulak yang tu
Wife: You, help me. I’m stuck at the side road, tayar kereta pancit
Husband: Okay, okay no problem. How’s the tyre looking?
Wife: Tayar ni,hmmmm… belah bawah je flat. belah atas nampak bulat, okay lagi. 
are almost everywhere. So it sure annoys you when your spouse is “underperforming” in what you think is a piece of cake. Believe it or not, this is among the main factors that lead to separation for marriages of age 5 years and below, and you sure wouldn’t want to live with such miscommunication for the next 30, 40 years because you lack the knowledge of why men and women work differently. 
Having said all this facts and jokes, it still take the whole world to understand your spouse, to accept him/her and the way they live their lives, and what more to educate them. That’s marriage y’all, for it isn’t just about “Kahwin korang, Nanti seronok boleh enjoy dating berdua. Dah halal kan”, but it comes with loads of responsibilities, patience, and flexibility. 
Okay fine, dating tu betul jugak. Hehehe. 

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