“What it’s like being pregnant while having a toddler?”

  Free Market at UKM Bangi
Abang babysitting adik, while Ibu and Papa handle the giveaways. 
Yesterday, I had midterm test on Strategic Management. 
Oh, apart from housewife and  mother, I’m also a full time MBA student currently in Semester 3 and I’ll be going through VIVA in less than two months!  *freaks out*. 
It so happen that I was feeling lethargic the whole day probably because of the headache that has been my best friend in both pregnancies (so far). It’s painful. and I must say, it annoys me  A LOT. 
And my dear friends were very kind to ask how I was doing “How are you Mommy?” 
“Not really good actually”
“Oh I see, that’s okay, These are all pahala for you” 
After a short walk from cafe to the faculty, perspiring and trying hard to breathe,
“Zayana okay tak ni?”
“Tak. *semput*”
“Sabar ye, semua ni pahala” *gosok2 bahu*
Huuu rasa macam nak nangis ja, Allah hantar kawan-kawan untuk bagi motivasi. Twice a day! 
Alhamdulillah too, that my friends were there to help me out with my last-minute study for the test. I’m not sure I would be able to answer well without their help. 
Alhamdulillah, I still managed to drive home safely later that day, 
And Alhamdulillah tsumma Alhamdulillah, I even drove to usrah that very same night! Isn’t that plain a.w.e.s.o.m.e!! I wish to say nothing but thank you Allah for the strength, support, and perseverance that you granted me with. 
It sure is a tough job to be having a teenage son, a toddler, and a baby coming his/her way pretty soon. But I always (try to) remind myself that Allah does not burden a person beyond his capacity. And I’m sure (although quite clueless actually) Allah has something awesome for me in the future so I just got to be patient, and have faith in Him all.the.time. 

Today, another dear friend was asking, “Zayana penat tak nak jaga Nusaybah while being pregnant with another baby?”


“Kadang-kadang tu ada marah Nusaybah tak kalau dia nakal?”


“Uishhh.. mesti challenging kan?”

Yes it is!  But after giving this issue a lot of thought, I realised that it’s part of every mother’s life to be tired with the kids and another and another and another round of pregnancy. Perhaps it’s just me who are trying hard to cope with my (pretty) new life and maybe I’ll get the hang of it after a few more years. I have, in fact, gotten some of it actually. But yes,  each pregnancy comes with a new worry about “how on earth are you going to handle another kid?”.

As for that, I hold on to my dear friend Kak Adilah saying “Sekarang rasa takut kan? Tapi bila dah tambah anak esok, okay je insha Allah. Boleh je handle”

Okay Kak Dila, I trust you. And oh, I always have you in my unconscious prayers insha Allah.  =)

So there you have it, what it’s like being pregnant with your second (and more) child?

– Tiring
– Worried
– Alhamdulillah, ada Abang Ahnaf untuk tolong ibu jaga Nusaybah while ibu gets some rest and makan. 

Thank you Allah for the blessings. Please make me and my family good and obedient servants to You. 

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