The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

                                           With blessings from Allah, Mak and Bapak

The first time I came across this proverb was when the movie The Hand That Rocks The Cradle was shown in Cinemax a few months back. I must say I was shocked that Mat Saleh have such proverb too! Look at how amazing Moms are in everyone’s life. 

Google has it that this phrase simply means “the person who raises a child determines the character of that child and so influences the type of society that the next generation will create”. This sure is a huge role that when a woman decides to get married and build a family, she is bringing herself into a full story of being there for others, even if it means saying goodbye to what she loves doing. 
This is a sacrifice. It’s a profound love that your kids may not be able to see until they become parents, themselves. Just like you do. 
The sacrifice means being ready to go through a whole new life experience filled with joy, laughter, adore, clumsiness and chaos.

It’s chaotic to get them boys lined up for bathe
It’s clumsy to get the girls sit, to comb and tie their hair and they keep pulling off the band despite your hard work 
It’s a great joy to watch your kids taking their first step
It’s adorable when the dress fits your daughter and waddles in it
It’s a real pain waking up every two hours to rock your son who is under the weather,
 and to sponge him every now and then because his body temperature usually gets high at late night (Don’t ask me why)
Hence, it’s normal for mothers to rant and whine and cried for being tired with all those routines that they are losing their self-worth over the years of motherhood. 
It’s totally fine to feel that way because as much clumsy and worried a mother could be, it is common that every mother will go through such situations especially when you are raising a child/children. 
That’s motherhood. 
I guess mothers just gotta be P.A.T.I.E.N.T and keep searching for motivation each time this job is turning them dreadful.
Look at our moms, they’ve been through it. Look at how much you’ve grown.
Look at yourself. Look at the kids, they grow too. 
Soon, you’ll be saying goodbye because they are about to leave for College.

Thank you Mak, for giving birth to me, for raising me into who I am today. I turned out pretty good aye? =P

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