Motherhood Review- Year 1

Every little girl’s first birthday is her mommy’s first birthday too! Alhamdulillah, Nusaybah turns 1 today and I am super duper excited for it! Though we don’t plan for any celebration or do’a selamat and what not, I strongly believe that I, as her very own mummy, deserve to look forward for the day and perasan that I (and of course Mr.Husband) survived the first year of parenting this time round. Alhamdulillah. It’s my first motherhood experience and Mr.Husband’s second time being a cool dad to a baby.

The first year wasn’t easy I admit. From being awkward with changing her diaper rach time she pupu to being terkejar2 nak grab Nusaybah from falling the bed. But I must admit, it is all worth it. I’m glad that my first motherhood experience happened at 23, hoping that say five or ten years down the road, Nusaybah turns out to be independent, reliable young daughter to help me with the chores and her adik-adik *uhuk uhuk*

So i’m gonna take this chance (while she’s deeply asleep) to jot down the 10 things to expect in motherhood Year 1. Please bear in mind that these are mostly from my personal experience (and a little reading and sharing from others) so it might be different from what you will go or already went through.


1.Bye Bye Me Time – Be prepared to have lesser girls’ meet up sesh because you’ll find yourself more with the little girl’s routine sesh. This is hard I must say, especially when my bestfriends are meeting up almost every week without me!

2. Either you brisk walk or jog – in order to get the cooking, cleaning, washing done while making sure that the baby is doing fine. You’re multitasking almost all the time (except when she’s sleeping)

3. Disturbed night sleep or even sleepless nights- especially if your baby is not doing good like fever, flu, coughing, kembung perut, and anything that could wake hom/her up. Your baby will make sure you wake up too!

4. Bye Bye Privacy- that you might reach the extent of bringing your baby into the washroom together because leaving her alone isn’t a good idea. She might fall, or crying the lungs out, or crawling wildly and playing at the stairs. You may put her in the cot, if you could stand her crying, that is.

5. Taking longer time to get ready– if you plan for an outing, you’ll be dolling another person more (the extra clothe, diapers, milk, EBM, packed lunch) and sometimes you don’t get to see yourself in front of the mirror to check if the tudung is straight. And it’s not that easy to “yes” for a hangout because you gotta put something else before that; anak, kain baju, kerja.

6. In that case, instant or ready-to-wear tudung will do just fine-. I’ll catch you later shawls- later when the kid(s) are big enough that they don’t bother your snuggles because they’re busy exploring the world.

7. Public show– the masterpiece that your baby might make when he/she’s able to grab the spaghetti and spread them all over the floor around him/her. That’s how his/her world works. Live with it. Paling penting, jangan stress! Lepak je. Say this to yourself “kalau bersepah pun takpe. It’s ok lepas ini ibu boleh kemas. Mainlah dengan spaghetti tu. Sepahkan. Sepahkan”

8. Taxed food– you know GST is coming its way aye? Well your baby will be imposing tax charges each time he/she sees you eating. They’ll be interested with what you eat, and coming near you hoping for some of it. It’s amazing actually (:

9. Re-fold folded clotheslepas lipat baju terus simpan dalam almari. Jangan biar atas lantai. Kalau tak, ada tukang lipat baju menjalankan tugas. The same goes with low drawers. You baby will be interested to open them and refold what has bern nicely arranged. Hence, ikat handle drawer so that your baby can’t reach for the clothes

10. Main suap-suap- Another remarkably interesting experience to look forward. It’s just plain amazing to exchange suap-suap makanan with that pure look from your baby.

Alhamdulillah these are all for now. I hope it will give a clearer view of what motherhood is especially for thfirst year. And oh, imagine this happening to you as a Stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Mau tak mencabar?? So buckle up ladies!!!Each time I feel exhausted, I’ll look straight into her eyes and remind myself “Takpelah, sekarang penat. Tapi Allah dah janji kalau aku jaga anak perempuan elok2, Allah akan bagi ganjaran syurga untuk aku”  And frankly, selalu je “melatah” , cuma segan nak cerita je.“…Whoever is in charge of any of these girls and treats them well, they will be a shield for him against the Fire” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5649; Muslim, 2629).Ladies, here’s to the future endeavour!! Through rain or shine, thunder or lightning!

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