To All Daddies, With Gratitude

I’m clueless about where it all started but November is mostly about being thankful,  gratitude, and grateful. 

Being enough with what is there around you,

Being content that God has planned your life as it is and not some other ways like your friends are going through,

Practising gratitude for being surrounded with people that accept you at your best and worst. Seriously, only your siblings or best friends know your cheeky side and only Mr/Mrs. Spouse reads your true feelings when meeting with life issues. The nervousness of doing presentation, the clumsiness of driving at night and when it rains, the snores, the poor communication skills, and that lousy direction each time you are asked for it. But the best part is, they still count you in for awesome stuff. 

As a matter of fact. I bumped into a saying that sounds “usah lihat berapa banyak masalah yang kiita hadapi, tetapi lihatlah berapa banyak yang Allah telah selamatkan kita bila diuji… Bersyukurlah”

And to be honest, I have little skills for that so I got the idea to pen this down and begin feeling thankful that Allah sent me a wonderful husband to be the amazing Dad for the kids.

So I would love to lend my humble hands to get all mothers out there, you, yes you, with the laundry to settle and the dishes to do with and the breakfast to prepare for and the kids to tuck in, to take this Gratitude Month of November and thank all Daddies for their littlest effort in making things work in the marriage.

The times that they take charge of the kids when you need some room for extended shower time,

The times that they handle the dinner,

that they bring the kids to sleep,

that they look after the kids when you’re catching up with the ladies,

that they clear the outside drain early in the morning when you’re sleeping tight in bed after a long tiring night of disturbed sleep from the newborn,

that they agree to be tasked for changing diapers,

And that they choose to be with you to complete their other half.

Thank you. Daddies are awesome too!

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