5 simple reasons to not give up

        Her first mandi laut experience. 

To be perfectly honest, I blog each time a reminder strikes my stubborn head. And as I pen this down on Blogging Apps, I am marveled by the reminders sent by Allah through my dear friends about trying my freaking best to keep breastfeeding my 11 months old daughter.

It all started when I (thought) was determined to get formula milk (fm) for my daughter from the nearest hypermarket because I really, really feel like giving up with this job. I know people have been comparing my situation with those who work hard to breastfeed (bf) their babies but they couldn’t so I should be grateful and not whining but I lack the skills of comparing myself with the less fortunate ones while hoping that I’ll be more content. I frankly lack the skills. But then, Allah being The Almighty bumped into me the akak salesgirl who said “how old is your baby? 11 months.. Would you want to wait for at least two months more? Just two months” 
Then I said (trying to control macho), “Okaylah, saya just nak usha-usha”
And all of a sudden, masha Allah, I was deeply reluctant to get a pecket of what I was aiming for. It was like “Dahlah Yana, takyah nak mengada” and I went off. 
Alhamdulillah I did not reach for the fm
Alhamdulillah my daughter was giving me that muka kesian though she had no idea  how stupid her mommy was, and she ‘d successfully saved her mom from making another stupid decision to spend on what  is not meant for at this point of time. 
And feeling grateful that I am still coping with the job, I would love to get all mothers out there, who feels like she wants to give up on breastfeeding the baby, on getting the kids covered, on being the laundry lady of the house, the housekeeper, the teacher, the one to handle errands, the rocking chair for the girls, the goalkeeper for the boys, and the paramedik to handle wounds and bleeding because the kids played around the stove, to please get going, because of this 5 simple reasons.
1. Your kids need you
The best part is, they don’t verbally express it and they don’t bother to imagine life without you because your presence is enough that they wouldn’t ask for more
2. You were born with added values
On love, compassion, and emotions. With unlimited GB memory to keep track of the kids’ school  and health progress that you’d remember every single word coming from the teacher during the school’s report card day. 
3. Things won’t last forever
And 5 years down the road, you’ll look back on the beautiful journey and say “hey, it wasn’t so bad after all! Thank God I made it!”.
And I know sayings like this has happened before aye? And I know how grateful it felt aye? Now let’s work on it one more time. 
4. Nobody says you don’t fit the job.
Even if someone does, should you be giving up?? No! Keep going mothers because you lead your own life. If things seem to get awry, work it another way round as long as you keep going. It’s the effort that counts, remember? The effort of waking up at night to the kids crying for milk and brew one bottle for each, simply means abundance of love to them.
5. The love itself,
For Allah, by running your role as a mother. For Allah’s acceptance, Mardhatillah. 
For the kids, by running up and down the  house to get them done for school.
Insha Allah, these are all for now. I love to not get my entry text heavy to ensure you don’t get bored. After all, when do mommies get reading time all for themselves? 
Only when the kids are sleeping. Hehe. 

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