10 useful gifts to a newborn

Anticipating a newborn, especially for the first time, can be both exciting and worrying. Simply because you can’t exactly expect how things will turn out to be. Future parents will usually avail themselves in baby shops and expo to survey for numerous items and sometimes the so-called “limited promotion” that offers the “best” price when you can actually get the same quality in the existing hypermarket. 

Well, I still think it’s fine to surround yourself with baby items, at least for the sake of familiarity, because sooner or later you’ll get to differentiate the needs from the wants and the mengaruts baby stuff. And I would also find it totally fine for non-expecting ladies and married couples to be among the expecting ones in places like this because you are looking for a gift to your friend/next of kin/spouse’s friend who will or just popped a baby. 
And the next question will be, what should we give? 
Therefor, below are the 10 most important things, first time parents would extremely LOVE receiving :
1. Shield backpack diaper bag. 
It looks like a turtle back from the front, but the inside compartments are making our lives a lot easier. The backpack nature that distributes weight on the whole shoulder comforts the carrier, compared to sling bag. With the baby to hold and the bag to carry, backpack with specified compartments is a blessing. Because chances are, things are gonna be messed up and I hate it when I can’t find the Minyak Telon because it’s hidden somewhere in between diapers and extra clothes. 
source : faliyana mom store
2. Breastmilk storage bottle / packs
This is quite a sensitive issue especially of mothers who are having concerns with their milk production. So you might wanna ask them first if they are fine with it. Maybe, just my 10 cents. 
source : toys R us
3. Baby rompers
Among the most efficient ways to get your baby done! With just a few button ups, babies are good to go. No mittens and booties are needed for the long sleeve ones, so parents get to reduce the worrk of searching for another pair that has lost its way during laundry. 
4. BPA-free baby bottle milk
Awareness on BPA-free baby utensils are mushrooming, you might wanna be in the club!  
5. Baby towel with hood
It works best as wrapping with hat, blanket, and towel! 
6. Mittens and Booties
To cover their cute pretty little nails that parents are usually afraid of handling. Because they are so tiny! 
7. Napkin
Works best as diapers substitute, towel, wipe off puke and all sorts of discharge.
8. Travel sized wet wipes and top-to-toe body wash
It helps a lot to minimise baby’s stuff especially during outing. Let’s get things simple.

9. Portable bed with handle
Fold, zap on, hold the handle. Off you go!

10. Cash
I can’t express more, how valuable it is to the new family

There you go, 10 useful gifts to a newborn. May this entry helps your research to get the best gift Treasure the excitement and  good luck surveying! Toodles!

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