Stains on her shoulders

You, the mother with stains on her shoulders, are stunning and beautiful like all mothers do.

You, the mother who lackadaisically got up from bed each time the kids cry “Mommmyyy!!” are precious to everyone in the house.

You, the mother who wiped the spilled meal on the baby chair and discovered last week’s peanut butter sandwich under the couch, are the valued and loved junkbuster.

You, the mother who strained all nerves and bones collecting every pieces of legos and sharp toys that toy companies think are safe for children, are the queen of the children’s joyous life.

You, the mother who stand upright, watching the heros playing hide and seek at the courtyard while the girls enjoying their tea party under the shady tree, are their absolute sexy life guard.

You, the mother who first discovered your daughter’s passion in writing and the son’s utmost interest in sports, are the respected Master though you have no idea what they are all about.

You, the mother whom they look up to,
each time they feel bad about themselves,
Each time they feel like giving up,
Each time peer pressure is pain for them,
Each time the weather got them sick,
Each time they couldn’t find the other pair of their socks, school shoes, ice skating gloves, and boots.
Each time they lost in a competition,
Each time they had stomach ache,
And each time they’re craving for food, despite your moderate performance in the kitchen,
Are their number one source of reference.

You, yes you, are the beautiful mother, the valued person, the junkbuster, the queen, the sexy life guard, the Master, the one to refer to for almost everything.

Because mothers are every child’s best friend.

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