L5/S1 Slipped Disc

Face it, nobody loves to publicly humiliate themselves and I am no exclusive. It would be a lot better to pinterest or instag your perfect family outing last weekend so you are seen happy and good in controlling things around you, when infact, reality is a real pain in the as*.  

Okay fine, I too have beautiful weekend getaway, Thanks a million to Mr.Husband for the unconditional support, 
a once in a bluemoon outing with my ladies, 
an amazingly comfortable period of an undisturbed usrah session because Mr.Husband looks after our baby, 
and an early night sleep because my baby fell asleep early that night.
But oftentimes people opt to only share the good stories on the internet, and less of the everyday struggles that they go through once they ladder to motherhood. The real struggle that some might not be able to foresee because of their super comfortable life history. How does that help her/the couple to decide and equip themselves upon embarking on parenthood? 
Yes, motherhood is far from what I imagined. It isn’t just about changing wet diapers or disturbed sleep that shock first time mothers. I guess it’s also about redefining your priorities in life, which can be hard because people might not like changes (redefine) especially the huge ones. 
Hence, my humble writings/journal on motherhood and marriage that I love committing to because I believe, and believe, and believe with all my heart that  young/experienced mothers they all need motivation and refreshed reasons to keep them going in this life journey, no matter how supermommy they are. This is also to all my friends who are yet to do more research on marriage and parenthood that if people have been telling only beuatiful stories, or they don’t practically explain what marriage and motherhood is  about, this is your place friends. 
Untunglah korang dapat free sharing dari aku, sebab lepas ni korang boleh buat clear informed decision whether to get married, whether to have babies, or anything related to having a family. okay? Aku jugak guinea pig nya. (-.-“)
So I hope people understand my point. All these are far from whining and complaining, insha Allah. This is to assist you all, so you won’t become like me, but a whole lot better.  
Okay back to the title, it has been 2.5 weeks since I was diagnosed with L5/S1 slipped disc. It means a deep pain at the lower back. How on earth did I get this? 
 I don’t really know, because I absolutely did not experience falling from anywhere. I guess it was from my poor body postures, when handling my baby and doing the laundry. Also, frequent babywearing. Maybe. Maybe. 
So there you have it, waking up to a deep pain at my back and it slowly shivered my whole body. Not only the back, but all my joints were hurting me too. If I could use an anology, it feels like the 3-minute contraction, on stage 2 of delivery. Excruciatingly painful. 
It was on that morning itself 6am to be exact I requested for an MRI and Alhamdulillah Mr.Husband was very kind to say yes to that. 
MRI costs us RM981 at Hospital Pusrawi Jalan Tun Razak. Another RM200+ was spent on Ortho’s consultation. Sakit tangan pulak membayarnya. 
I was avised to rest, to lie down, and to avoid anything that could potentially strain my back and here’s the challenge when being a Mom, your mind couldn’t stop thinking about the laundry, baby’s meal, shower and feeding time and what not. Motherhood challenge 1# to temporarily let go of the job and take real rest although they might not be perfectly done the way you want it. Trust your spouse he can handle those. Insha Allah your kids are in good hands because Allah sent the best man to share your life with. 
On a flipped side, how can you have a total bed rest at home when your 9 months old baby demand her meal without knowing her mommy is in pain? Motherhood challenge 2# , total bedrest doesn’t really happen in my case because I still need to bathe and feed and carry her around when no one is available to lend their hands. And I still fully breastfeed (bf) my baby so yeah, mealtime means mealtime. No compromise eyh? Or else your house will be filled with echoes of beautiful anthem. Alhamdullilah there’s been a lot of hands so far.
In my case, Alhamdulillah I am still able to walk (even berpaut dekat dinding) and I was not admitted. Alhamdulillah. That’s a totally different challenge then, to be in the hospital and decide on your baby’s milk, Motherhood challenge 3#. I haven’t experienced this since my baby was born, but yeah must’ve been a lot challenging especially for the husband eyh? With your wife admitted and the kids to handle. As for the breastfeeding mom, not having your baby by your side would mean a pain on the chest and in the heart. Chin up mothers, insha Allah there is a way out 💪
Alhamdulillah I have completed all 6 physioterapy sessions and I am feeling much better now. As I blog this, I’m actually taking a rest in betwen handling Nusaybah. That’s Motherhood challenge 4#, to run the duty despite your poor health condition. How to handle? You just do it anyway, that’s motherhood. Get the things settled one by one, rest in between. 
They say marriage is going through ease and hardship together. I have absolutely witnessed this for the past 2.5 weeks when Mr.Husband handle everything with calm and charm. Motherhood challenge 5#, to accept that you can’t handle the house and feel sorry for your husband that he needs to take charge of them. 
Alhamdulillah, that’s pretty much about this entry. I have learned to appreciate health, to value my free times, to thank Abang Ahnaf for lending hands, to thank Nusaybah for being a good girl and to love Mr.Husband more and more each day. 
If you’re sharing the same story, hang in there mothers. Insha Allah, have faith, that things will be fine. 
And if you’re not, may this entry widen your horizon, on what marriage and motherhood is about. 

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