Don’t be scared. Motherhood is fun!

It’s totally unfair to say things from only one side and disregard the other. Just like motherhood that is also full of excitement and fun! 

It’s an excitingly challenging journey I would say. Challenging because it seizes my adoloscence eversince I detected another heartbeat in me because my pregnancy story was quite difficult. From 3 months of morning sickness that I had to run to the ladies and puke 4 times a day at the office and even on the 7th month that I’d feel sick on every monday, to developing backpain on the 8th month until postpartum (now). 
Having said that, I am also glad that it happens to me at this age. I have actually found another hikmah (rationale) Alhamdulillah behind all this that when I am experiencing all sorts of awkwardness now, with the hope that I’ll get it over soon, I’ll be able to master motherhood and next round of pregnancy relatively early than them people of my age. It’s currently a struggle to not being able to exchange stories with your clique and bestfriends because they haven’t gone through it and it isn’t the same like talking to the experienced ones. But I believe with patience and solat, Allah is always with me and I have always been trying talking to Him like “O Allah, please make ease. You know what I mean right?” at normal times because I don’t really get to sit and make du’a properly after prayer when no one else is looking after my baby. 
Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah for the blessings. 
Let’s see how long it takes for me to totally feel glad that my motherhood story began at the age of 23. I can’t wait for that! I’m starting to feel it now, you know. and this is great! Alhamdulillah. 
Okay back to the story. How can motherhood be fun? It is so when:
1. You have a bolster to hug, sunggle, kiss, and gigit-gigit. 
2. You have a girl to be doll-ed. 
Today’s achievement : Getting Nusaybah a first haircut by myself! I have always wanted the evergreen Penan hair style on her and Alhamdulillah it happened this morning. Weee~~!! 
3. You have the room to make lots and lots of pahala (rewards), redeemable in the hereafter
4. You have a son to rely on especially when you’ve started having grey hair
5. You have a grown up kids to share your stories with
6. You have a focus to spend the salary on

7. You have a set of smiles and laughter waiting for you at home

8. You get to be there through his/her ups and downs

9. You know that The Paradise welcomes those parents: 
“…Whoever is in charge of any of these girls and treats them well, they will be a shield for him against the Fire” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5649; Muslim, 2629).
“…Sesiapa yang menguruskan (menjaga dan memelihara) mana-mana anak-anak perempuan ini lalu ia berbuat baik kepada mereka maka mereka akan menjadi pelindungnya daripada api neraka” (al-Bukhari, Muslim dan at-Tarmizi). *
10. and many more to come (= 
kitab Al-Adab (Pustaka Salam Sdn Bhd)

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