Mom’s Biggest Fan

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Although it is every husband/dad’s duty to provide nafqah to the household, thanking him after every spectacular meal won’t harm anyone. In fact, I personally stand by that, as it is among the things that strengthen the value of the relationship. 

Just a simple “Thank u Abang, bawak pergi makan Secret Recipe” would mean the world to them. Probably it makes them… Appreciated? Or maybe loved? And valued? 

Also, a smile to add the sweetnes of the gratitude. 

They say, there’s a woman behind every successful man, and I reckon this happens in a married couple’s everyday routine as the wife would be there to listen, to support, to assist the husband in every possible ways including thanking him for running his duty very well. 

This can also be a way to thank Allah, for granting a responsible husband in your life, by extending the gratitude to The Almighty. 

What a wonderful role a woman holds in rejunevating everyone else’s life! We stand behind men, and we are also our kids’ biggest fan!! 

Who would stay up late night to help the daughter with her public speaking competition? *this reminds me of my mom and my late cousin”

Who would wander the whole shopping mall looking for the best soccer boot for the son’s futsall competition? 

Who would anxiously wait for the 90-minute game and scream and hooray-ed each time the son’s team scored?

Who would make sure the little girl walks confidently on the stage looking gorgeous? 

Mothers, insha Allah.
And in some cases, Dads do it even better! 

It runs in every mother’s blood, to make sure their children get the best in every angle of life. Hence, the continuous sacrifice that comes with love and affection, topped with compassion and hope. 

But before this takes place, we would have to go through a stunning motherhood phase called, baby being clingy to mummy. Refusing strangers (to them), moms are like their comfort zone. Moms’ arms and hips are the best cushion to hop on, to jump on, to climb on, and most of all, to cry on. At this stage, our baby is Mom’s biggest fan! They observe and replicate every single thing mom does, like mummy’s mirror.

This means more attention to spare for the little one(s) and it would disturb the conpletion of mom’s existing work; the work, the chores. Sometimes, it leads to stress and we hate it that we have no space for ourselves. When this is actually the beauty of motherhood, let us cherish this moments together for it’s not long until that one fine day, that they begin to replace us with their friends and clique. When that takes place, moms are gonna miss the good old days when their sleeps were disturbed, their work was interrupted, and their energy was diverted to raising the little son/girl. It’s not long.

As I pen this down, I struggle to find confidence in myself, to handle the current life I am going through. What more the future?

Insha Allah, 
Laa yukalli full-llohu nafsan illa wus’aha
Allah does not burden a person beyond his capacity (al-Baqarah:286)

Allah knows you’re tired
Allah knows you’re confused
Allah knows you’re trying hard
And Allah does not put you in a situation you can’t handle. 

Go go mothers! 

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