5 Attributes of a Supermom!

I am an MBA full time student, in UiTM Shah Alam. I reside in my in-laws ‘ in KL, hence I travel to Shah Alam for classes and group discussions.

My parents live in Shah Alam too, so going to uni sometimes means ‘balik kampung! Oh oh oh balik kampuung!’ to me.

Completed Bachelor Degree in Accounting, from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand in December 2012. 
Got married to wonderful Mr.Husband  on 1st March 2013. 
Popped my princess on 6th January 2014 and she is now 8-month-old. 
After 8 months, I am more stable, with lesser cranky and quirky thoughts and behavior. Alhamdulillah. 
And I am still far,far,far away from being a supermom because I don’t sleep at 12 after ironing the clothes and check on the kids’ school books or wake up at 4.30am to prepare breakfast. 
As a matter of fact, I usually go to bed early (or late depending on my baby) and get up at 5.30am to spare ample time to get ready for uni. 
6.40am, start the engine and hit the road.
I sometimes delayed the laundry or procrastinate to change the dustbin bag, and usually asked Mr.Husband a favour to do half of the bed sheet-change session. 
Yeap, i’m so not a supermom because I don’t live to the standard that moms will usually do, as described by our society, though we don’t really know what basis it came from. 
Laundry 3x a week
Mop 2x a week
Sweep-courtyard 1x a week
Dishes: every night before sleep
Mop the floor 5am 3x a week
Iron clothes 
Wake up time: 4.30am
Sleeping time: 12am
Sleeping period: 4.5 hours
It sounds…very… WOW!!! 
<I always love this part> 
But then, can every single mother on this planet handle this routine every single day? I’m afraid no. Be real. There have been days that you are just sick of being in the kitchen, sick of doing the laundry, or too tired to fold the clothes, have you not? 
There were also times, that you were too occupied with work, study, or external commitment and you can’t help the kids with their homework and you missed a week of checking their school books. 
This is all reality because life is like a roller coaster, with ups and downs of handling the household. All I’m saying is that it’s totally fine if you can’t afford to be like some of the supermom bloggers/celebrities because they too, have the pretty down sides of running their role, but people opt to keep that to themselves. 
Hence, I personally believe a real supermom possesses these attributes:
1. Avoid comparing
Practice this if you want to have a happy life.
2. Content with her daily little achievements and accomplishment
Every single effort counts. Even wiping the one-year-old dust collected behind the TV. 
3. Celebrate everyone’s smallest strengths and areas of improvements.
Your son might not be achieving straight A’s in the final exam, but hey he represented the school in a soccer competiition at state level! 
4. Smile, grin, even without reasons
Can you afford this, at home? If yes, then you have a superpower.
5. Keeping the husband and the kids in her prayer
At least five times a day
So mothers, let’s not be down or emotionally downgraded by others’ beautiful life story described on facebook, instagram, and other social sites. Instead, live with what your family has got to offer and you’ll find motherhood relatively possible to cope with, insha Allah. God willing.

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