5 Reasons to be a Happy Mom

someone is growing active, so we have brought down the panel to allow her play and roll around within boundaries.

Even if you’ve been labelled The Happiest Person on Planet Earth at school/uni/workplace because you smile all the time and being the first to greet everyone, you can be a total opposite once you reach home. If this happens to you, then we clique.

Post self-diagnosis tells me that Moms (or maybe dads) are happier at school/uni/workplace because that’s their “me time” to put aside motherhood routine and house chores for the next 8 hours and actually do what they love to. Perhaps some readings in between classes, surfing internet during lunch break, or even come early to office just to have morning coffee all by themselves.

Well, at least that’s what one nurse in the hospital where I gave birth to Nusaybah said.

Nevertheless, reality will still haunt you and there’s one way to live with it, that is by clearing your mind and telling yourself, you gotta be a happy mom. Why? Here goes.

1. Dads aren’t awesome when it comes to raising the kids.
Sorry Papa, you are exception.
Who has the superpower to decide the kids’ dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast while driving home from work? and do this every.single.day.
Who could actually do the laundry while frying chicken because the kids have been fighting over last night’s leftovers?
Who cleans the washrooms and plays peek-a-boo with the 1-year-old in between?
Answer: Mothers.
So Daddy will need the Mommy.

2. Dads don’t get the “feelings” and “reading between the lines”
– They say things straight, yes means yes. No is no. But that doesn’t happen in a girl’s life. Girls wo`uld love to share their days, telling how things went in school and latter ask “Do you get the feeling mom?”
– What if your 9 year old daughter feels like talking about puberty because some of her friends have already gotten their period pain and she hasn’t, thus she feels left behind? “Do you get the feeling mom?”
Answer: Daughters will need their Mommy. Dad’s clueless about this.

3. Moms are born with patience to handle errands.
When your son’s school shoes are torn because he used it to for futsal, who will run to the nearest Bata to get him a new pair?
Answer: Sons will need their Mommy and say “Please don’t tell Dad. I know I should have worn the proper shoes”

4. Every mother champions the 50m Running.
One minute she’s at the kitchen to turn off the stove, and within split second she’s already at the living area to hold the baby from falling over her walker. Moms are just awesome!

5. Only mothers can bear the pain of baring a baby.
It started off with morning sickness that gets you sick not only in the morning but all day and night.
– Nausea
– Loss of appetite (Hack you can’t even stand the smell of food, how can you eat them?)
– Loss of weight
– Dehydrated (Sometimes admitted sampai kena masuk air)
 – Headaches

Then the journey goes on
– Backache
– Swollen feet
– Rashes
– Disturbed sleep
– Heartburn
– Constipation
– Toilet is the new best friend.
All happening at the same time

The final stage
– Every 10-minute contraction that lasts for 30 secs
– Gets closer to every 5-minute
– 3-minute
– On-going contraction and you gotta work freaking hard to push your baby out the birth canal.

Can Fathers handle all this?

Answer: That’s among (many) other reasons Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentions, “Your Mother” three times before “Your father” in a hadeeth saying,

“Who should I give my love to after Allah and Rasulullah?”
“Your mother”
“Who next?”
“Your mother”
“Who next?”
Your mother. And then you father”

Moms should be happy, because she complements everyone else’s life. Because  Dad, Son, and Daughter would find it hard to live without a mother by their side. Look at how important you are to the rest of the household? Despite the screaming, fighting, and miserable toys that mess the house, they all need you to be the queen of their lives. Heads up, Mothers!

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