10 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Eid

I’m typing this, with my princess by my side, sleeping like a boss after an adventurous day. Alhamdulillah, for another chance to cheer all mothers out there. May this entry bring a new hope in you.

Speaking of Eid, especially in Malaysia, it has long been about ketupat and pelita hanging in shopping malls with “Raya Sale” and “Eid Discounts” in almost every outlets. Dramas and Movies on the other hand will usually go weird on Hantu Raya (what on earth??) and everlasting sad genre with the “Ayah dan Ibu” song by Allahyarham Sudirman playing throughout the movie.

So it got me thinking (after reading from findingjoy.net) what do I really want my kids to understand about Eidul Fitri? Here goes:

1. Celebration!
– Celebrating the triumphant Ramadhan that we went through. Fasting for 30 days straight would be a big challenge without practices and of course, strength (taufiq) from Allah.
– Remembering the winning in the Battle of Khandaq (Ahzab) that took place for a month from Syawal-DzulQa’edah 5 Hijriyyah.

This means, Eid has no room for weeping and being sad because you are studying abroad and not having your family around to celebrate it together.

2. Eid is celebrated among Muslim brothers and sisters, while bringing together our non-Muslim friends.
– I wish my kids to understand that we are to be Allah’s servant and we are all brothers and sisters. This comes from the hadeeth “..wakunu ibadallaha ikhwana” (Jadilah hamba Allah yang bersaudara).

3. Hari Raya Prayers is sunnah mu’akad. (Sunat yang dituntut). Please try to make it to the mosque.

4. Eat something before you leave for the prayer, though you don’t feel like so because you’ve been skipping “breakfast” for the past 30 days. That’s exactly the purpose, to mark a difference that you are no longer in Ramadhan. So, eat.

5. Put on new clothes! It’s a happy day, remember?

6. Relatives meet up sesh! (My favourite)
– Catch up with the cousins/aunts/uncles

7. Ketupat, rendang, lemang, sayur lodeh.
– Tradition matters. Preserve our local heritage, though these are not Papa and Abang Ahnaf’s favourite.

8. Give to others first. And giving back isn’t just Eidul Fitri and Eidul Ad-ha thing.

9. If you are throwing an open house, please use paper plates and cups. I hate doing the dishes.

10. Even if Allah puts you in the lowest valley, horrible situations, there can still be beautiful events and joyous moments.

Here’s the takbir, that always keeps me going.

Laa ilaaha illallaahu wahdah,
(Tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah yg Maha Esa)

shodaqo wa’dah,
(Tepatlah janjinya)

 wanashoro ‘abdah,
(Dan menolong hambaNya)

wa a’azza jundahu
(Memuliakan tenteranya)

wahazamal ahzaaba wahdah.
(Dan menghancurkan musuhnya bersendirian)

Taqabbalallahu minna waminkum
(Semoga Allah menerima kebaikan kami dan kamu)

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4 thoughts on “10 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Eid

  1. Ayat Fatimah says:

    Yes you said it right for Eid every shop, outlets offers huge discounts. Not just in Malaysia but in India, pakistan, UAE countries also most of the shopping malls and outlets offers heavy Eid discounts to attract customers. Many online sites like Amazon, Mirraw, Ebay, Flipkart also offers great discounts on Eid.

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