SSC in the house!

Weeping on my fate amidst the war in middle east is selfish I would say. Hence, the new post on SSC (Soft Structure Carrier) that makes my outing easy as.

I have always been unsure about outing with friends, without Mr.Husband to asssist, while tagging Nusaybah along. Again, how on earth do I do it? So I began joining Malaysian Babywearers on Facebook a month ago I reckon, and the ladies really helped to build my confidence again. I think I’m back on track!

My history with baby carrier was with one low-cost carrier which I couldn’t be bothered to remember the brand name. We got it for Nusaybah’s newborn gift from Papa’s colleagues. Despite its annoyingly simple mechanism, I actually owe Papa’s colleagues a lot for indirectly expose me to this assistive tool.

Just last week, after doing several research here and there, I decided to go for Moby Go. Got it at Midvalley for RM239. It says there that this carrier suits for 15lbs to 45lbs. Nusaybah is 6+kg so this carrier should be alright for her. It is absolutely alright for me due to its supportive belt and wide-crossed shoulder pad specifically designed for comfort. Alhamdulillah, Nusaybah even went sleeping for at least 1/2 hour and she could stand being in it while her Ibu busy wandering around the mall.  It also comes with hoodie to cover Nusaybah up during if she’s asleep. So nice!

And I have yet to try this pretty thing to usrah/dhaurah and other sorts of program, and we’ll see how. Hoping for it to be useful too.

Anywaym it’s the handsfree that adores me because that means I can enjoy walking and sight seeing as well as put aside stroller that scares me everytime we are on elevator. Here’s a googled picture of this brand, haha no, that’s not Papa. ^__^ Papa lagi handsome =P

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